Hi! Uh, long post.

   Lotsa stuff........................ Boo hoo, well, hopefully pretty interesting. So to start off.........SAIGE. Girl of the Year 2013, from American Girl. Yes, I must admit, I do like her. In fact, I am thinking of getting her to start my AG collection. But you see, I was planning on getting JLY #25, I think that's the number, I'm not sure. So, I'm trying to decide, (I need to start saving money up)  so please comment below on which one you think I should get first. Now these things I am almost thinking about getting from Saige's collection: 



 Yup,  Saige's sweater outfit, so cute, I might get it. And I think $34 might be a little pricey, but not too much.  And Saige herself is very cute. But I do think the hot Air balloon is very ridiculous, there is no use for it! I t cannot fly up on it's own, plus it's very expensive. $150! Too expensive.


Two more things I might get from her collection:


      Her ADORABLE pajamas


 Both items are veryyyyyyyyyy cute.

So now, I am going to tell you something, I am getting a Flickr. Yup!!!!!!! My mom let me do it! So, here is the URL : www.flickr.com/photos/onedolloutthere I actually only uploaded one photo, but so what? I know, I'm so excited!!!!!!!!! And also, about this blog being a doll blog, well, the address is officially now onedolloutthere.blogspot.com. Never type in happycraftstudios.blogspot.com again. Unless, I change it again.
OK, so now for my Christmas stop motion, I had to re-film about three parts. :P


I know the quality of the video is really bad, but I didn't know what else to do. Sorry! Now, I'm
      super super super super sorry, 'cuz when I tried to upload the"What I got for Christmas 2012" video, it would not upload. I'm sssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry. I'll try to film an extra nice video sometime maybe.
   OK, so now my doll wants to write something on here. So here she goes.

  Howdy! I'm Esther and...... What! OK. Mom said I may not write in bold. Seriously! OK, can't let that ruin my day. :( Anyways, so..... uh, just a minute, I 'm going to check the weather. Shoot, it's raining. So, uh, what should I say. I love me! I guess you all know that. But....wait! I bet you guys don't know mom's trying to get a wishlist on her blog. She is! Honestly. By the way, I am the most honest sister in the whole house! (Actually I'm the only sister. Until mom gets one of those ...uh........ what's it called? Ameeeericen Dal, or wait, let me look it up.......oh, American Girl Doll. Huh.what's that? Oh, mom says I had enough time.  I should probably go........wait, I'm gonna post a picture of me here before I go. Bye! ADORABLE, RIGHT?

OK, so now I was gonna close up this post then realized, I oughta put my opinion of the other stuff AG put
  out, I really, adore and might get some of the stuff, then again, maybe not.  

                 So, firstly, Saige, who I might get.   She is a very adorable doll, and like I said above, tell me which one I should get. Next, Saiges  Sparkle Dress, I might want to get it but I   probably won't.                                                       
I love the necklace and boots, but the dress doesn't fit my taste. Next I wanna wanna get her accessories.
So those accessories are so cute. I love them. Next, Saige's Parade Outfit &Hat set. It is not anything I will be getting anytime soon. To me it's not at all very pretty.
 Ugh! Sorry all the pictures are all over the place. They're not getting where they're supposed to go.

Wow! I'm not getting that. It's one of the things I think are ridiculous for dolls. They're not even realistic! Horses for dolls????????, Super unrealistic. Well, maybe not, it's just that they don't look real at all.


Well, that is pretty cool, but there are no blank canvas sheeets, and it is pretty expensive. But if I would receive it as a gift, I might use it. But you will not catch me buying that.


I honestly think I might bt getting this, it's super cute and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!


So, this is pretty cute and I might get it. See, I really want a sports outfit so this is now an option. So now I am going to show you two things I really want from AG. I mean, I want a lot more than  2 from AG but just to show you I 'll just show two.


The sweet savannah outfit. Soooooooooooooooooo cute.

I really want the reindeer pj's.

So before I close up this post, if you haven't seen my stop motion on blogger before, just click on "Older Posts"  until you see a post called "Holidays! Whoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" once you get to it, you'll see my stop motion, and..... don't forget to comment on my poll.

  So I hope you liked this post, and comment below. See ya later!





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