It was a Sunday.  Sometime around Easter, probably in 2009... We drove to the store, and purchased a doll.  She was from the Springfield collection.  American Girl Dolls were something I had known about, but they were not altogether something I knew a lot about.  In fact, apart from the fact that I knew they were a branch of dolls, it’s safe to say I knew nothing about them.  I purchased my first, and till today, only, 18” doll.  I think her name was Emma, but of course I didn’t like that name. What to name her?  Esther.

                Hi. My name is a name that I’m not revealing on the web... however, I assure you I’m quite non-freaky.   I like a variety of things, and one thing happens to be dolls.  Preferably the 18” type.  This blog is about me and my only doll – Esther.  As read from above, she is a Springfield, and I couldn’t love her any more than I already do.  She’s so sweet, and quite frankly, may be the reason I gained any reputation on the doll blogging community.  Which, do I have a reputation?  I dunno, but that’s a question for another time. 

                See, a few years back, on YouTube (yes, we all know and love it) I was watching AGTuber’s videos.  “AGTuber” basically stands for American Girl Youtuber, and this variety of Youtubers specialize in making AG doll related videos.  I really loved their channels, and I noticed they all had this thing called a blog.  I wanted a channel, but I was refused that route.  So instead I turned to blogging, and I find myself here today.  Thank you all for visiting my blog, and do stay a while, won’t you


  1. You have a wonderful blog!

    Allie D.

  2. Hey Autumn! You were nominated for the Encouragement Blog Award. The rules, etc. are on my blog. (If you cannot find the post just search it. Thanks!)

    Allie D.


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