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 Hi everyone! I hope you all have been having a fabulous week. I have! Summer vacation is fast approaching and I'm...standing on tiptoes. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P No one does that... I think. So I was thinking one day, you know what, I should have a doll corner or something where my doll could be sitting. So, I went ahead and made one!!!!!!! So here are the step-by-step pictures of how I made it. And once, again thank you so much for looking at my blog and commenting on it. You guys have no idea how much it means!!!!!

                       Step 1: Find a corner etc. where you will have enough room to have a doll corner.


Step 2: Decorate your corner! I did my 'walls' with posters of Onedolloutthere. Maybe in the future I'll add different ones.


                                              Step 3: Add a carpet. I added a large doll blanket that I folded up.


                                    Step 4: Put your doll in! I gave mine some accessories!All done!!!!!!!!!!! :)

 Did y'all like it? Tell me in a comment.  It's pretty simple, and you can make it wherever you want. It makes a great scene for stop motions photo shoots and just normal photos! The headphones were super easy to make. They're inspired by Girloftheyearstudios! It was in her famous doll video series, Movie in Me! Go check it out on her YouTube. Also, they were partly inspired by Britt Nicole! It's from her song Headphones! It's really cool.  The iPhone was inspired by Sparkjazzag4ever! They're both amazing people and check them out! Please follow them too. OK, that's all for this time. Next time (or one of the next) I'm going to post a review about the Camping Kit. Adios, AGlovers!
~Autumn (I haven't used my siggy in a while!)





  1. This is a great idea!!!
    Btw, You have been awarded on my blog!! Go there for more information!! :)


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