My Life Doll Camping Kit!

 Howdy! Today I will be doing the 'long-awaited, so-much-talked-about, finally-here!' Doll Camping Kit that I got as a gift from my friends! It's a pink camouflage design and has a lawn chair, tent, cook-pit,  lantern, and ice box. Some of the things will not be shown in the pictures below. Enjoy and read the little captions below each picture.

This is what it looks like. See the camo design?

Esther interfered in the pictures. Hey! That ain't true! Hi everyone! I'm Esther! This blog is run by me too! Uh, Esther, could you hold... Suppose I could (sigh) oh well, I'll be doing more on this post! OK, sorry for the interference. So, let's continue!

OK, Esther will be guiding us today. She is now pointing to the chair and cook-pit. Don't you like it? At the end of this post there will be reviews.
Closer look at the cook-pit.

 This is the ice box. It's very realistic. There's a little plastic button which you press then it opens up like a real one! And on the sides there are little handles! You can't lift them but they're very nice. You can't see it on the picture but on the top there's little holes in which you can place things. The lantern that comes with te kit can even fit in it! (The lantern will not be shown in pictures.)

See how it opens? Sorry for the blurriness.

Now for the tent! It has a flap so the doll can go in and even has Velcro on the seams so it can close! It has a netted flap and side too.

See the Velcro?

See the camo and the mesh net?

This is the top when you look at it from the front. It's very strong built.


OK, Esther here. Now I am going to show you the very top of the tent. It has a little hole at the bottom of the tent where you can insert theses strong plastic wires that support the  tent. You'll see in the pic.


See what I mean?

 A complete overview. (Minus the lantern.)

Did you like it? If you are considering getting it, let me tell you, it's very good. And do you have it? Tell me in a comment. Here are the reviews.

Ice Box: 4  out of 5. It's very sturdy and nice.
Lantern: Beautiful, it even lights up, though at first glance it may remind you of a blender. 3 out of 5.
Cook-Pit: Nice, does not light up. OK, for the kit. 2 out of 5.
Chair: 1 out of 5. Nice quality and sturdy frame but horrible size. It's extrememly small for 18' dolls.

See what I mean?

Tent: Very good! 5 out of 5!

I hope you like it and I may do more reviews.



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