Sunday Dollpaper

Hi everyone! It's time for the weekly Sunday Dollpaper! Today we will be featuring Claire from Doll Express! Her doll,Dakota, is telling us a very freaky story too! AAH! xD I'm excited aren't you?  How about we get started? Below is a picture of Dakota! :)


Isn't she absolutely adorably-cute? And you absolutely have to check her blog, Doll Express! It's an amazing blog by her, and she does hilarious posts! Please go check her out and follow her! OK, so now it's time for the story! She's a great writer too! Ready or not, here it comes! But first there's the Front Cover. :)

If you can't read what it says, here is what it says,
   Claire & Dakota!
Today Sunday Dollpaper is featuring Claire from Doll Express! Or more so her Doll, Dakota! We are extremely happy for Claire and Dakota! As we said before, we will have a new front cover every time. And if you would like to be featured, just go to the blog and ask! People or dolls who want to be featured are quite welcome! Tell us what you think of Sunday Dollpaper so far! Thank you ~ Autumn & Esther from Onedolloutthere ODOT



                                The Wolf Shadow- A Short Scary Story

The girl's hands trembled while she turned the doorknob to the darkness beyond. She and her sister had been playing truth or dare when her sister dared her to go outside in the dead of night. The girl gulped. Hugging herself, she ran down the steps into the front yard. "At least I only have to run around the house two times."  she thought. 
   After her first run, she saw a great looming shadow behind her. She spun around and gasped. What she saw was a pair of cold yellow eyes boring her into her like spotlights. The thing had large pointed teeth like knives, and long, shaggy gray fur like a mop. The girl screamed. She turned around and ran blindly because her tears, and went into the forest only to stumble and fall down to the trees below. The girl was NEVER SEEN AGAIN.

 AAAH! Freaky! Thanks, Dakota! Make sure to go visit her blog and follow! OK, that's all for this week's Sunday Dollpaper! I hope you liked it! :)



  1. The Doll paper sounds cool! And the story is really freaky..................................I would like to be feautured in the dolly paper.!
    -Asmita and Mckenna

    1. OK, Asmita! That;s cool! Could you tell me something that happened with your doll (You'll probably have to make it up) :)

  2. Thanks so much for posting about me!!! I know, i am adorably-cute:)

    1. Yeah, you are! I am glad you liked it! :)


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