You know what? I think (am thinking) that I can make stopmotion again. I know I could. But I am worrying if it isn't going to get right. But you know what? I worry that I can't. And you know what else? I have to take chances and do it. Before my good camera broke, I loved doing stopmotion. The picture-taking, the filming, the editing, and....the publishing :) You know how a eagle is? It soars 
high.....high above everything else. I need to overcome all the obstacles in the way of me being me... a total lover of stopmotion. I will do stopmotion again. And I'm thinking this week. I'm going to be me. And a lot of other things say I should.. my summer movie... when I film it, stopmotion s beautiful. Stopmotion is sooooooo cool. It practically seems as if your doll is moving. What is stopmotion anyways?

Stopmotion.. in my way of saying....a thing where you take pictures.. (and I mean like a lot! Some of mine were over 200 pictures) and put them together on a movie software then edit! Done! I know that's really confusing. I'll try to explain clearer. What you do, is, you take your camera and your doll and go to wherever you will be filming. Then you'll take a picture of your doll sitting (ex.) then mover her arm verry very slightly up a little then take another picture.Repeat the process for everything! If she's supposed to stand, very slightly move her up a little (without your hand showing!) Then slowly move her up and as you do, take a picture with each move. :) It's really hard at first, then you'll get the hang of it.

Where did I learn about stopmotion? From AGTube. AGTube is just YouTube where a lot of doll lovers make videos and post them on!  It's really cool. You should check it out! But then, I got this blog, and slowly began to understand blogging! And I still have a Flickr to put videos on! God has richly blessed me. And God is definitely going to help me achieve doing  stopmotion  again! I will definitely tell you guys when I finished it. If you guys want a more in depth post or tutorial of stopmotion, let me know. Oh, and if you go to AGTube, here are some terms you might want to know.
  • AGSM- American Girl Stopmotion
  • AGMV- American Girl Music Video (simply do a stopmotion or photoshoot and add music instead of voice.)
  • AGPS- American Girl PhotoShoot
If you run across any other terms, just ask me, and I might know! And to let you know, all that stuff up there ^^^^^ I had to learn all by myself. It was really hard, but now I can say, 'I learned it all! Without anybody's help!' My mom didn't know that much about dolls either... But anyways, I am going to (with God's help ) going to make a stopmotion this week!  Tell me what you think! Anyways, bye!




  1. COOL!!! I can't wait to see them!!! That all I Make is stopmotion. Is't a lot of work but I enjoy it!! :)I think it would be fun to do a video together, if you want. What do you think?

    1. AWESOME! OF course! That'd be lovely! How would we get the pictures/other things across? I really would like to do that!


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