Doll Express Club: Spring Fashion

If you want to be a member, click here! OK, now for my thing.

I'm  not sure if you can see the picture clearly, but I hope you can :)OK, Esther will be speaking. ;)

Hiya! I'm Esther! And my owner is Autumn, and we have a blog... this one! Anyways, I'm part of the Doll Express Club! You can too! Just click on the link above! So, the outfit up there is my favorite spring outfit. Why? It looks so springy,'s short sleeved! My first short sleeved! I also adore the litttle flowers, they're so adorable! Plus the colors, they seem light and springy.. I guess that's it. And how could I forget? That's my newest outfit. ;)

I hope you liked it, Claire! Bye!!! (hopefully DIY coming today or tomorrow!)


I really like when you comment, but please no OMG or any swear words... Please keep everything pleasing to the Lord. Thank you -Autumn :)