My Audition

Hi everyone! I'm almost positive you know about  Pretty Little Dollies Collab blog. If not, go follow their  blog. It's great. So, when they started the collab blog, I was still getting used to Blogger.  I really wanted to join their collab blog, I thought it would get word around about"Autumn". (I had 1 follower at that time ;) But I didn't, actually, technically I still am supposed to be a backup blogger  for that blog. :O I am not sure if I ever will post on that blog, (figures.) But then, I found out about this other collab blog, 7 Days Of Dolly Fun! I really like the blog, but you have to audition first, and if you get chosen, you are officially a collab blogger of 7 Days of Dolly Fun! I am auditioning and I hope I get in! :) OK, here are the rules for auditioning.

  • Include your doll's first name
  • Tell about her
  • Tell her favorites (color, food, animal, etc.)
  • Make sure to comment on the first post telling your doll auditioned
  • Follow 7 Days of Dolly Fun
  • Tell what day you could post, if you got chosen
  • And have fun!

OK, I am so tense with excitement! So I am going to have a little paragraph about Esther, and a link at the end. OK, here it goes!

 Esther, a Springfield doll Emma, renamed Esther, is a very funny doll. I especially like her because I've had her so long. When I was little I got her hair wet too much so it got frazzled. But we went to the AG store in NYC, and the hair specialists combed her hair into a fishtail braid, it has come out a little since then, but for the most part it is still in.I really like her, and she is my one and only doll. She is very stubborn but really nice. (I made that up) Overall, I really like Esther.

OK, I hope you like it, Bailey! So, if you know i have a Flickr,   you'll know I have put a video on. No kidding! Thay allow two videos a month, so I am going to audition by posting a video on. A photoshoot to be exact. And this time with brand new pictures I took! Oh, and I have already posted a photo shoot on there. Check my Flickr out here! Plus, I often have sneak peeks on there! For example, right now there's a siggy I might be using there! You could also see many other sneak peeks before I put them on my blogs!:)

OK, so you really want the link, here it is! Please comment there and here! here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

So, did you like it?

And, Bailey, if the paragraph up there ^^^ didn't cover what all you wanted me too, check this page out. And if I got in, either Saturdays or Fridays. OK, I hope you liked it.



I really like when you comment, but please no OMG or any swear words... Please keep everything pleasing to the Lord. Thank you -Autumn :)