Sunday Dollpaper

Hello! Today Dollygirl will be featured in the sun. Dollpaper! She is a really nice blogger and I think you should go follow her! I would love if you would check her out. OK, so I am going to put the front cover on and then talk again about Dollygirl! :)
If you can't read what it says, here is what it says.

   Yes! Today we will be featuring Dollygirl, from her blog, Dollygirl! :) She is a really nice and sweet girl and you should check her out. We will be featuring all of her dolls. We hope you liked this front cover. We particularly like this one! And, yes, Claire requested a award from Sunday Dollpaper, so we will soon have it. It will be given out for use soon, too. Also, please keep in mind that it is only for those who have been featured. If you would like to be featured just comment and we will communicate and figure something out. Thanks to everyone that's making Sunday Dollpaper a success. Thank you~Autumn &Esther from ODOT Onedolloutthere

  To visit Dollygirl's blog click HERE HERE! She has four dolls and they are so nice. Their names are Crissy, Crystal, Abigail, and Kit! OK, that sums it up. And what will, she posted about? A doll-sized swing for her dolls!

WHEE! Abigail loves it! Click here to find out how to make it! The dolls are so happy they got a new swing! :)

OK, I know there wasn't much of  a story, but you can make it! I really liked it! Asmita and Adelecupcake, I need to know something that happened with your doll(s) and who your dolls are. Thanks!! :D



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