Doll Guess-it?!?!?

OK, if all of a sudden i get a ton of comments guessing the right thing...I'll know i didn't do it "cleverly" enough. ;) But i hope it will be good enough to get yous a little confused =P Anyways here's the picture....

OK, hopefully it's not too easy....

Anyways, I'm not sure if this is the official rules or anything...but this is what I say....

Comment on what doll is wearing what outfit.
(It's not a retired doll)
And...the outfit belongs to the Saige and Saige's Sparkle Dress...Get it?? 
The prize is....a little button thingy to put on your blog!!!!

Hopefully that wasn't too many clues... yeah...I'm hoping a lot of things...:) please comment and guess!!! Thanks!!!



  1. Addy in her Sunday Dress?

  2. Josefina's Summer Outfit?

  3. Josephina in her orange dress and straw hat! Sunday dress maybe?


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