Into the eyes of a Doll Part 1

OK, today I'll be doing Into the Eyes of a Doll. But first of all, I'm sponsoring a lovely giveaway at an awesome blog, check it out here and maybe even enter! I'm giving away a free blog design!!!! And also enter my contest, IT ENDS IN FOUR DAYS! So hurry up and enter  otherwise I'll have to only give out two prizes because I only got two entries. Anyways, let's move on to Into the Eyes of a Doll.

Hiya folks! Today I, Esther, will be showing you some pictures of something my owner made me and how you can make one too!!!!! These are the pictures,...........


 OK, that's a cute tote bag my owner made me, don't you like it? Plus, she made me a few more this size and a huge bag that I can use on trips, but I couldn't find it, so yeah.... Enjoy the pictures! :)

Want to know how to do it? Well, Autumn said I may, so I will!!!!!

Step 1. Choose two fabrics you want to use. Or you could use 1 as well.
Step 2. Decide on a string (I used glittery) to have as the strap.
Step 3. Choose beads to put on the string. I used multicolored beads.
Step 4.   Turn both fabrics wrong side out and sew them together along the sides. Do this twice to make sure it stays.
Step 5. Take the string, and tie two pony beads to the end. Make sure to leave quite a bit of string left on the side after the pony beads.
Step 6. Sew the string onto the bag.
Step 7. Eureka! You're done!!!!

I hope you like it and make it!!!! If anyone would like to volunteer a craft project, I would be glad for the extra help!!! Bye, y'all!



  1. You should make more contests! They are so incredibly fun!

    1. Thanks!! Maybe I will in the near future!

  2. oh... also, i replied to you on my blog. it was a thing to put on your awards page.


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