Sunday Dollpaper

OK, it's time for Sunday Dollpaper!!!!! This week we're featuring Saige from Saige's Locket! OK, first there's the front cover though!!!


This is what it says if you can't read it:

Hiya! Today we're featuring Dally & her doll Saige!!! She's a really nice doll, and Dally's a very sweet girl too! You can find her at her blog, Saige's Locket, where she posts about everything and anything. It's really awesome! Today Saige is telling us a little story and a bit about herself. We hope you like it!!! If you would like to be featured in Sunday Dollpaper, just go to the "Sunday Dollpaper" page in this blog. Thanks for making this whole thing work everyone!!! ~Autumn & Esther from Onedolloutthere ODOT .
OK, so now there'll be a picture of Saige, then a little bit about herself. (BTW, she has a few sisters, Elizabeth, Marie-Grace, Lucy and Consuelo. Cool, right?)

Isn't she so cute???

I'm Saige. I could just leave it at that and let you assume the rest, but I'm sure you'd get me wrong. Scrap that pansy Saige in the books. I don't scream about art on a regular basis. Yes, art is all good and well, but it's not the end of the world! If only the other Saiges could be like me. I'm a level-headed girl (well, if you call the clouds "level") Who is always jumping in to lead things (I'm a counselor at Camp Doll Diaries right now and I'm writing this in the hopes that my campers don't see me! Don't want to be a bad example. So just remember that, and read some books other than AG once in a while. They have the tendency to squish your brain.

OK, here's the story!!!! :)

So my mom told me that she would take me to the salon. Horrible, right? So I wore my best clothes, primped my hair, and prepared for the worst. My mom grabbed me and set me on the windowsill. Innocent little me, I thought I was headed for death. She pulled out her camera and snapped a few photos, just before I fell of the sill and onto my face. Then she grabbed me and threw me onto my bed, running out to the laptop. Crazy girl, thinking that was a salon. A few minutes later, she walked back in and showed me a picture. I had blush on, my eyes were all shiny, and the red lipstick was blinding. I nodded. "Kids these days. Sometimes they have crazy ideas, but I'm glad that they had this one. Now I can skip the salon for good!"

That was awesome!!!! Thanks Saige and Dally!!! Here's an award for you to take!!

OK, bye everyone!!! :)



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