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This time we're featuring: The Doll Crafters!! They're one of really good blogger buddies.

.First, the front cover

This is what it says if you can't read it"

The Doll Crafters

Hey ya there!! I am soo excited. Wanna know why? I am featuring one of my blogger BFF's!! The Doll Crafters!!! She is really nice, and I would love if you would stop over at her blog and follow and comment!! Anyways, updates on the blog? Well, nothing really, except there might be a new design change on it!!! This is very unlikely, since I (Autumn) really love the design. But, I might and I might not. So this is just a little "warning" And if you follow my other blog, Autumn's Reading and Writing, I'll be changing or redoing the blog design really soon. A couple of days, in fact! Anyways, better go on with the edition of Sunday Dollpaper!!! Thank you~ Autumn & Esther @ Onedolloutthere ODOT

Here's a picture of one of her dolls, McKenna and a little bit about her.

Name: McKenna
Nickname: Kenna
Favorite Food: Pocky (Strawberry)
Interests: Aaron (her crush in school),
Gymnastics, Her Hair, Nature, Animals
Favorite School Subject: English and Music
Extra: Her favorite colors are blue, green, and
purple. She is the first born. She plays the flute
and her favorite word is undulating.
Thanks!!! That was great!!

Now onto the story about her!!

 The Bird's Egg

One day, Kenna was walking along the street, and she came across a small, white, ball.
She had never seen anything like it before, so she decided to go get her mom. When her mom saw it,
she told Kenna that it was a baby bird egg that had fallen from the tree. Seeing as it was still intact,
Kenna asked if she could nurse it back to health. Her mom said that they needed to
check with a vet first. So, they went to the Salt Lake City Vet. There, Dr. Polinski (the bird specialist)
told them that it was not in proper condition to be taken to a human house. Although Kenna was sad that she
couldn't take the bird home, she was also happy that she had helped save the bird's life.

 ~The End~

That was awesome!! I love how it was nature-themed!! Thank you soo much, The Doll Crafters!

Now this time I'm going to put a little inspirational poem at the end. So here it is:

                                                                     Don't Quit

When things go wrong,
as they sometimes will,
when the road you're
trudging seems all uphill,

When care is pressing
you down a bit,
rest if you must,
but don't you quit.

Success is failure turned
inside out, the silver tint
of the clouds of doubt

So stick to the fight
when you're hardest hit.
It's when things seem worst
that you must not quit.
I've actually already posted this on my other blog.

If you would like to be featured in Sunday Dollpaper, just go to the link at the top of the blog that says "Sunday Dollpaper"

And the Doll Crafters!!! Here's your award!!!

All right, see ya all later!!


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