New AG items

Seriously, almost every doll blog I know of is doing this.Anyways, I thought I'd do this. (Am I a little late?) ;P OK, so I may not have  everything that they put out, so I'll only be doing what I think if it only if it's something I at least like a little. (All opinions are my own) (Very long post)


Saige's Tunic Outfit - I LOVE it!  Everything is so good! And the shoes, well, they don't match, but at least then you can mix them with something else!

Striped Hoodie Outfit for Dolls + Charm - I LOVE it! It's almost like a must-have. I love the design on the hoodie and the shoes!!

 School Backpack Set - OK, I guess, I like the old one better.

Mix 'n Match Outfit Collection - Nah...Not really a like. Wayyyyy too expensive (Are you trying to make us go broke, AG?) and not worth for the stuff you get.

School Locker Set - Good, but I can simply make one of these. 

 Saige's Picnic Set-'s kind of nice but not my fave.
 Silver Stitch Hoodie - I REALLY like it!!
 Cadet Cap for Dolls - Cute, and I think it would like good on Esther :)
 Basketball Outfit for Dolls + Charm - I really like it!! But I don't think I'm going to get it anyways.
  2-in-1 Track Outfit for Dolls + Charm- Nah...I actually...DOWNRIGHT DISLIKE IT!
Science Lab Set - I guess it could be nice. I really like the microscope in it though.

 Talent Show Set - I really like it. I mean, you get so much with it. That's practically the only benefit though.
 Sleep & Snack Pet Bed - Beautiful and would be great for Esther's dog.
 Delicious Breakfast - Mmmm...looks good...but can you even take the food off? Probably not?!?!
  Flower Sweater & Skirt for Dolls + Charm - It's really  ugly. The shirt is pretty but the skirt...ugh!

  Tropical Bloom Outfit for Dolls + Charm- I really love this outfit. And I would definitely purchase it for my doll.

  School Days Outfit for Dolls + Charm- I am not a fan of this outfit.

 Stackable Lunch Set - I don't really like it. Well, for one thing, you can't even take the food off. LOL :)

 Bow- Toe Moccasins - I LOVE these and would get them for Esther
 Polka Dot Flats - Maybe, but they're not my favorite.

 Purple Espadrilles - I do NOT like these!
 Purple Peacock PJ's for Dolls - I really like this, but I probably won't get it.

 Bright Highlights Set - Probably not. Because of Esther's hair condition. They would not look right on Esther, maybe I would consider it if I got another doll.
 Braided Headband - I think this would look lovely on Esther, since I  can't make one because of her condition on herself.
 Curly Ponytail - As I said before, it's because of Esther's hair condition I can't get all these fancy hair ornaments.
 Chic Bun - No WAY!! They look horrible if you ask me.

Campus Snack Cart - As a lot of bloggers said, I could easily make my own.

WOW! That was a lot  of work! But at least now you know what my opinions are of AG's new stuff!


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