Saige Paints The Sky

Hey you guys!! Today I have something to share with you guys. Get ready..and read!!

First off, you know the movie for the girl of the year, Saige? Well, I think today they were broadcasting it on a TV network or something,  but yesterday I was hunting for it on You Tube, since I know I'm not going to purchase the DVD. And it was practically impossible and I had almost given up when...I FOUND IT! So I thought I would share the link with  you guys so you can watch it too.

(skip this if you want the link) Well, see, the girl who uploaded this just loved the actress, Jane Seymour, who was in the movie as Saige's Mimi. So she had uploaded  the video..and I was super duper excited!!

Here's the link, (though probably others have uploaded it...)

                                                Saige Paints the Sky: Full Movie

OK, I hope you enjoy!!



  1. Awesome! We recorded the movie but we might watch it on you tube too!

  2. Thanks sooo much for sharing this link! I watched it on TV. (on my Aunts TV...) But the last 3-5 min. was cut of my a "special update on some court case" It mad me kindof mad. Thanks again. i am glad i got to finish it! :)

  3. I liked it more than the Mckenna movie.

    1. Really? Well, I can't really decide between the two, but I definitely think the girl who acted as Saige was a lot more prettier than the girl who acted McKenna last year...

      Sidney Fullman and Jade PettyJohn

  4. Thanks! I got to watch the ending! Btw, how do you make the awards for your blog and how do you make the button? You can email me. Thanks!
    ~The Doll Crafters
    P.S.~ So excited for the contest!

    1. That's great.
      Sure, I will.
      Can't wait either :)


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