Sunday Dollpaper

This time we're featuring Esther again!
Front cover time!!!

 This is what it says if you can't read it"
Just for Fun...
Yup, that's this week's theme. Esther is going to share a lot of "Just for Fun stuff" Why? That's this week's theme! So....come  on and enjoy yourselves!

Blog redesign: Autumn's Reading and Writing's new design is coming up really soon! Plus I think it's my most favorite one! The one for this blog? I'm still working on it...

Thanks for everything you guys! ~Autumn and Esther Onedolloutthere ODOT

Hey you all! Esther here!
 To start off, I have to announce the winner of the Doll Guess-it.
I suppose I'm going to say the winner is the one who guessed the right thing first.

The winner is.............


and she guessed .........


Congratulations!! I'll have the button ready to go next week sometime.

And also, we really need to know whether or not to host another contest. Please tell us if you all would like one!!!


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