You people....//other stuff

are so sweet. On my last won't believe how many people said so many nice things....

OK, I'm not leaving just telling ya... So...yeah.

Oh, uh. Esther is kind of buzzing in my ear...hold on a second...

OK. Esther has a letter for you all. So here it  is....

Dear fellow friends on my and Autumn's blog,

 You are so nice. Like literally. So I am so happy. Yes, I know I'm not the greatest at writing. But who cares? I'd rather be outside. Anyways,  I think I'm going to update the Meet Esther page soon. Or maybe when Autumn redesigns this whole blog.

 I can hardly wait for that. Only I have seen the header looks and suchlike. It's awesome. It's gonna be a total different look than how it is now for sure. Autumn's aiming for a total opposite look. So you'll be in for a shock I'm sure. 

So I'm really glad you all like my new series, I am doll. I'm not sure why Autumn chose that for a name. But I sure like it. So blunt. So cute. So short. So amazing! I can't wait to put you all into it!!! I'll probably add each of you in slowly, on at a time. Not like.. "Then all of a sudden a lot of girls came rushing in upon Esther and scared her.." teehee 

So I must bring this letter to a close...good-bye my friends...i  hope another to write a litter to you again but until then... au revoir...


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Oh yeah. The contest results should be up soon.

Have great day!



I really like when you comment, but please no OMG or any swear words... Please keep everything pleasing to the Lord. Thank you -Autumn :)