A Simple Letter {Nothing Decided}

Dear friends,
 I'm terribly sorry about me leaving. But it's got to be done. My posts are meaningless, and it's not worth it. It's weird. I have like an "On" and "Off" button for doll inspiration. It's very odd. Right now, I think my "Off" button got pushed and it's having trouble being turned off. So I'm trying to make it work again, but until then, you'll have to be patient.
 And also I hate to say this, but it has to be done. My summer movie isn't coming. I only got a little filmed, nothing much. So I'm very sorry, but I'm going to have an alternative. I think I might be getting a camera in a few months or so, (no promises) so I'll be back into the filming once that happens. What I'm thinking of doing is having a movie in late spring next year. I'll try to make it nice, and I'll probably write the movie out before I shoot it. I love writing, and even have a blog for it. ♥ Click this for some more of my awesomeness ♥ lol So I'll probably do that (again, no promises)
 Also, school has been very stressful. Doing my school, setting time aside for friends and family, practicing my instruments, and the list goes on. These things come first. But that does not mean I'll abandon you guys. You've been so amazing and kind.  Thank you. And maybe when school gets easier ( well, it won't get easier, I'll just become better) then I can probably quicken my posting. But until then, bye.
♥ Love ♥


  1. What is your email? I need to send you a message.

    1. Amaya,

      I'm not giving mu e-mail publicly out currently. But if I can know yours maybe I can e-mail you. Or we can do it through comments. (I won't publish your e-mail if you don't want me to.)

  2. Mine is amayapaes at gmail dot com


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