No Matter What

I like dolls...did you say something? 

 I might be not as much on blogger now, but that has no connection with disliking dolls. I mean, come on, what is so bad about dolls? Sure, I mean, they are molded plastic with a set smile,  glass eyes and artificial hair (or real hair!), but they can sit still for a pose, can't they? (whereas humans, well, like to fidget more) They can smile at you and be cheery when you aren't feeling the best of sorts. Dolls- can mean so much. It doesn't really matter, if you've ever owned a doll, you know the feeling.They are your little servants, except for the fact they do absolutely nothing for you. lol

 Mocked? Laughed at? Join the club! People may think you're a little odd, but so what? I personally love taking awesome scenic shots, because it's so...perfect.

 A little story I wrote which could be true and is half-based on a real experience.

 I giggle excitedly as I rush out the red mini van on the lane. 
"Mom! Hurry! They're here!" I cry.
 Mom gathers her purse into her hands as she tells me I'm in too much of a hurry. I, of course, say I'm not. It is nearing dusk, and the sun is going down. However, it  is April and spring is showing the signs. My friends hop out of the van and come rushing to me.
"Ready to go, Nicole?"
 "You can count on that!" I say. "Say, did you bring your dolls?'
"Nicole, seriously?" Tyler asks.
I gaze at them. They are twins, Tyler and Taylor. We used to be best friends, but we're still really close. They invited us to go to one of their friends' house with them. Well, all the moms go and have a "meeting" and look at catalogs. It's more like a gathering with your friends. The family whose house this is at has a girl. Tyler and Taylor tell me she's a literal snob. I can't wait to meet the 'snob.' 

 I arrange my doll along the sofa in the basement. Tyler and Taylor are right beside me, arranging their dolls. We had arrived, and had been cordially welcomed by the girl. She had an other friend sof hers, and they were staring at us from  a corner. Freakishly freakingly freaky.

 But let me fast forward to the main point. We were going to film a stopmotion and I was excited. Just then, the 'girl' came down, with a guy trailing her.
"Uh, uh, who the world is that?" I asked Taylor, leaning closer to her.
"Her brother." She answers, not really focusing on my question.
Oh well, mustn't be too bad.
We keep on with our "work" and the girl and guy and girl (sister, brother, sister's friend) stare at us like we're aliens from Mars. Then the girls starts.
"What are you doing? Stopmotion? Weird. What's that? Actually, don't tell me. That's so weird. Why do you play with dolls? You are too old for dolls. You're crazy."
Tyler and Taylor retort back to her and keep the argument feisty. I'm like shaking in my bones, freaked, I mean who wouldn't be? This unknown girl drags her brother to ridicule us?

But then No matter what, I'm a doll lover. 

that was literally all true, except i made it a bit fictional to put it in story format

So you get the idea, I know what it's like. But believe me, who gives a care in the world about them?

What's your story? Are you going to quit on dolls when someone thinks you're crazy? Comment!



  1. Absolutly NOT! I love dolls Stopmotions, The whole nine yards! ;) My dolls will ALWAYS have a place in my heart and life. :)

    1. Yes, me too....I would never give them up :)

  2. I totally agree. Most of my friends outgrew dolls at 7 years old, and a lot of years later I'm still playing with them! Love ya girlie! So glad for a post!

    1. Wow, I'm glad you kept on girlie! Yeah, me too ;)

  3. Autumn. I LOVE THIS. <-- I do. I really do.

    I've never really been made fun of because I like dolls, but I've witnessed others get teased before. It's so sad.

    Wonderful post, Autumn. <3


    1. Thanks, Emma ;) That's really sweet ;)
      I know...
      (I'm over- saying my thanks i think)

  4. It's so sad how girls tend to grow out of dolls so early these days. Older girls often tease me about it too, and I'm only 12!

    On eBay recently, I found a listing for an adorable MYAG doll with black hair, and black/brown eyes. She was perfect, and brand new in her box. The description was something like this: This is a brand new MYAG American girl doll. My daughter, who is now 12, was given her for her birthday this year, and didn't want her. We are selling all her dolls so that we can buy her an iPad for Christmas.

    I say, I almost cried when I read this! Fancy a twelve year old girl not wanting a doll, and an AG one at that! If I had had enough money at the time, I would've bought her in a heartbeat. This poor doll was probably feeling very sad and rejected, although she had a beautiful plastic smile on her face, I knew exactly how she felt.

    I just wanted to share this story with you. Just so you know, I am not judging these people, nor am I saying that I am better than them just because I would've kept that doll. Maybe dolls just aren't this girl's thing, but I don't know. I hope you don't think what I said at the end of the story was babyish, but don't worry if you do, I'm used to it. Anyway, I looovvvveee your blog, Autumn! Keep up this fantastic work!

    1. Wow! That is so sad. I mean, I wouldn't give up some for doll just because.. oh well, I won't ramble on about that...
      Thanks sooooo much! You have no idea how much that means with all the effort I put into it :)


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