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 First of all, I want to do an awesome Christmas giveaway/contest and I need ideas. I know it's not even Thanksgiving yet, but I want to make this a success! So please give me some ideas. Ex. Type of contest, prizes, etc. Plus, I want to start doing more on this blog. Do you guys have any ideas? I think if I do more giveaways and stuff like that, it'll get me more into it. But PLEASE give me ideas for a huge Christmas giveaway :)

 Second, I finished an absolutely amazing book today. The Incredible Rescues by Ed Dunlop. It was amazing! It was about Nazi Germany, and surprisingly, it wasn't boring or anything! It was about two kids, Hans and Gretchen, and they helped take daring rescues to save the Jews. It was thrilling. They talked a lot about having a servant's heart, and it got me to think, what if something like that would happen again? Would I be willing to sacrifice my life for those who weren't my people?

 Third, I'm going to start making clay DIY's. You know, with clay and all? I purchased some brown clay, so I'm going to start with cookies. And I'll try to get you guys a tutorial soon. After some time, I hope to get a dollhouse. But in the meantime, I thought I'd do different kind of stuff, such as product reviews etc. So I'm super duper excited :)

 Fourth, I have a video I made. (But it's practically just what I said in the past gazillion posts, so if you don't want to, don't bother watching it.)


 So I'm super excited because tomorrow I'm going to Barnes and Nobles. Boring, right? Wrong. I love going there, grabbing something at Starbucks (there's one in the Barnes and Nobles, how cool is that?) grabbing a book, sitting at a booth, and reading! I'm so excited!

 Sixth, I found the publisher! Well, not the publisher, but a pretty good one. I might get my book published there. Oh yeah, if I got published, would you guys buy my book? I asked this on my other blog, and I got some positive responses! And this is a sneak peek exclusively for you guys! I have started another book :) I know, you're like, 'Come on, girl! Stop!!!!'. But I'm really getting into it :) It's kind of you know how the Narnia series and whatever down that line goes. Like another world, magic, and stuff like that. For now I'm calling it The Lyssa Story, though I'm positive I'll change the name later :) Here's a little excerpt from the first chapter: (By the way, is that how you spell excerpt?


 Most of her cousins were boys, except for a few, who were all grown up. Alyssa was a shy, kind fifteen year old. She had a bare minimum of friends, but she didn’t really care. She got good grades in school, and was a good girl. She really loved animals, especially horses. Her room was plastered with portraits of her and her horse that she rode at the local riding stable where she was enrolled. Most people merely shrugged her off as a regular girl, but there was a side to her no one knew about. And at this point, not even her.

 The next day, Alyssa was walking home from school, as she usually did. Her home was no less than a mile or so down the road from her school, so on clear sunny days she enjoyed walking home. Thanksgiving vacation was over and today had been full of rushing to get back into the swing of things. Tomorrow there was to be a Biology 2 quiz, plus a report in grammar had to be finished. Alyssa was dreading the amount of homework she would have that evening.
 She jogged at pleasant pace along the road. After going at this rate for a few minutes, she soon tired and walked slowly. She was passing her neighbors’ house and hurriedly ran to their paddock. Her neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Cox, owned a few retired racehorses that they kept for pleasure riding.  Usually after school Alyssa liked to watch their horses. She hopped on the fence and dropped her book bag and lunchbox. Her face went blank as she stood in silent admiration of the horses.
 After she was there for a little while, she went back on her way to home. When she arrived at her house, she immediately headed to take a shower.   After showering and finishing homework, Alyssa asked her mother, Mrs. Payne, if she could make supper. Mrs. Payne was a tall, slender woman. She often was away from home, since her job required that; when she was at home, Alyssa and her enjoyed spending time together.
“We could make it together, don’t you think?” She asked with a smile.
Alyssa smiled. “You know what? I think that may work.”
 Mother and daughter laughed as they started with the preparations.

 “Kerri and Carl, you’re a team. Chenille and Rodolfo, you’re another team. Lillian and Jace, Carter and Jane....” Alyssa waited to hear her name. The biology teacher, Mr. Martin, was assigning pairs to the project. “Alyssa and Oasis...” Alyssa felt her heart drop to her feet. Oasis? She’s the snobbiest girl in the whole class! Alyssa thought. Oasis was a short, yet fairly lithe sixteen year old.
 After class was over, Alyssa caught Oasis in the hallway.
“Oasis, we’re partners for the project.” Alyssa said.
“Well, duh, I know that.” Oasis said haughtily.
Alyssa played with her fingers as she thought what to say next. “Well, do you have any ideas on what should we do?”
Oasis turned to her sharply. “Look, I need to go to my next class. I’ll call you tonight if I think of anything.” She muttered under her breath as she walked away.
Alyssa grasped her book tighter and walked away with a stiff air. Fine, if Oasis would act like that, she’d be just as stubborn. Let’s see how she acts when she’d treated like that!

 Alyssa stopped her friend, Gracie, during a break between their classes the following day.
“Gracie! You know me and Oasis are partners for the project?”
“Yes. How’s it going?”
Not good. Yesterday she called me on my iPhone and told me that she already picked the topic!”
“What was it?”
Gracie doubled over, laughing. “Seriously? You’re going to have the most interesting report!”
“It’s not funny! I was so mad at her, although...”
“If Oasis wants something, she’ll get it. See, she already told Mr. Martin that we were going to do it. She gets what she wants done in a jiffy.”
“I know. We better get going if we want to be on time for class though.”
“Yeah, I know. Let’s go.”

What did you think? I repeat, "WHAT DID YOU THINK? TELL ME. OR ELSE." Well, maybe not that extreme, but do tell me!

Anyways, this post is getting long. So - stay tight, have fun, love dolls, serve God, comment, and whatever else you feel like :) (Well, maybe not anything else) ;)

P.S. Look out for a Thanksgiving giveaway!


  1. I think it is spelled excerpt.

  2. Yay, a giveaway! That book you read sounds really good. And your story is good too!

    1. Thanks so much, girl!

  3. Whatever kind of contest you like!
    Cool video!!
    OF COURSE I would buy them! :O

    1. Thanks so much, Claire!

  4. I want to buy your book right now!!! Man, I need to find a publisher for the three books I've written... 6,000 if you count books in progress...XD Maybe a Christmas interview or button?

  5. I will totally buy your book! It sounds so good! I think you spelled excerpt right. Lol. Can't wait for the giveaway!

  6. I LOVED IT! And of course I will buy your book, whenever it gets to Canada! Have you read Number The Stars?

    1. Thanks so much!
      No, did you write it?

  7. Anonymous26.11.13

    Autumn N, do you know "Anna" from areyouadragonmaster.blogspot.com?
    - Anonymous A.

    1. Yup! We know each other pretty good!

  8. Anonymous26.11.13

    AWESOME STORY! But I would have described her walk more. Just an idea.
    - Anonymuos A.

    1. Thanks! All suggestions are welcomed :)


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