Countdown to Christmas: December 5

Hola there! I hope you all are having a merry season :) So today I will be showing you a quick easy DIY that you can make for YOUR room. I have my room all decked up for the holidays, so I thought I'd share this with you.The picture's from Pinterest as usual.

err....something like that.

Three wreaths (the picture doesn't use wreaths)
Green Wire

Take the three wreaths and using the wire hook them all together. The hang it up in your room anywhere. Example, you could put it on a wall that doesn't have any decorations, or you could put it on your door :) Get creative! Once it's hung up, tie the scarf and add the beanie. You can add any other wintry decorations!

Seasons Greetings!!!


  1. That's a good idea! It would be cute to make a mini one with tiny wreaths too.

    1. Exactly :) For your doll perhaps?


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