Birthday Time aka what i am thinking to give...

oh wow. that post title made a lot of sense.

 OK, hello! My name is Autumn... ohhhhhhh *sarcastic mood fades*

Anyways, so one of my really sweet friends is having her birthday on Thursday. So, me and her sister are having a little surprise party for her, and I wanted to give her something that she would be like, "!" Well, me being me, I have no idea, so I came up with some things, and I'm going to post them here, and then I want you to comment down below what you would give, because I  need ideas..and also say whether or not you think my gift ideas are kind of ... um how shall we say it.... ridiculous?


And some I also have some pancakes that don't even look a single thing like pancakes..sigh..I don't even think I'm going to give them. Plus, I want to give her this little chalkboard that I made. So yup, that's about it. Comment below what you would give (and please something easy! like - a doll sized treats stand would be way above my head :()  Anyways, talk to you later :)


  1. How ironic! XD My b-day is tommorow!

  2. I like your armwarmers!

  3. SUPER cute arm warmers!

    1. I did a DIY on them:

  4. Anonymous26.3.14

    What about doll food? Search in YouTube "My Froggy Stuff Carnival Food" She makes amazing doll food!

  5. The arm warmers. I want me a pair! LOL.

    ~Lydia~ <3


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