DIY: Easy 'Spring' Headband

Hello!! Today I'm going to show you guys how to make this really easy headband for your doll. It's super easy and fun and cute :)

 As for my 'DIY Week' I'm not really sure. I'm leaning toward Fashion Week, but I'm not quite sure... (seeing that I could be a little behind in the fashions... jk...) Anyways....

 Also, the weather is really nice here! It's super warm, but still crazy muddy. If you read my other blog (CLICK HEREEE) you've probably seen a couple posts with pictures of all the snow we got. I think my friend said we a got a total of 52 inches this winter! I know, it's insane...But anyways, it really feels like spring so I got to take some pictures outside as well.

 I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial!

 What you will need:

Buttons or some other little accessory
Hot glue gun (not pictured)

 Step 1. Lay your ribbon out so you can see the center. 

 Step 2. Glue on one of your buttons in the center.

Step 3. Repeat till you have a design. 

 Step 4: Take your ribbon and wrap it around your doll's head and cross the two ends.

 Step 5. Cut off excess and you're done!

 (the last two pictures were random) :)

Will you be making this? 
 thanks for reading and God bless!


  1. Cute as a button! :-)

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