Aaahh, school... // ranting (LONG post)

Hello fellow doll-lovers. Today I shall rant, (if I have enough of time) about school anything and everything. Or not.

picture via pinterest>> Anyways, I know on this blog I've ranted about "how busy I am" or "Sorry, I don't have time" or..or... forget it...  (haha... trust me, I'm more sarcastic when I talk. I try to put that down in words, and it makes no sense. And that didn't make sense, did it? Or maybe it did) lots of times. Well, I don't feel like writing that all down, because it wouldn't be fair to you. So I'm just going to be honest. Sorry for the lack of posts Anyways, I've been pretty busy OK, so, I have a whole bunch of pictures that need uploaded to the computer, but since I'm too lazy to get around to uploading them, I will do them this weekend.

 And- GREAT NEWS!!!!

 School will be letting out soon, which means - more doll filming/blogging time! Woot woot! So once I'm out, it will free up my schedule 1000000000000x more (I just hit the "0" key a whole bunch of times. Is that <<< even a number?) But it seems as the closer you get to the end of the school year, the busier you get. :( So that's probably why I have been so... OK, I'm not going to write what I was going to. 

 And, on a totally unrelated note, yesterday two days ago... I went with my friend to this store, and when we came out, I picked up a few tracts on the way out. We got into the van, and I was like, "Hey, just a minute," and I stuck the tract into the windshield of a vehicle. It was a great way to witness, and it spurred my friend too. So she did that too. (BTW, ever get that warm feeling when someone follows your example? *cough* well, when it's a good one... ;) Anyways, that was perty fun. (yes, I spelled "pretty" like "perty", just 'cuz I love accents.)

 However, this summer I want to redesign this blog. It's not on my "to-do" list as of yet, but it will probably become one soon. Actually, technically, I don't even have a to-do list. *sigh* Anyways, this year, I will make a summer movie, Lord willing.  Last year I wanted to, but... me being me... started it, then stopped because it was all just getting wrong. Like the camera filmed it vertically since I used an iPod and then my hand was visible in some of the clips and whatnot..  So hopefully that gets done because I have an awesome camera now!!! (well, a Nikon  P520)  So that is on my to-do list. 

 So anyways, till my schedule frees up, I'm only going to post on weekends. But during the summer, I think I'll have plenty of time to post.  =)

 And BAM what! I have a super long post! Well, talk to you guys this weekend. 

P.S. It's getting soooo warm!!! #lovesummer


  1. It's so warm, today it was 90 and I love it! I can't wait for summer too!

  2. Good post Autumn! Hey can we be pen pals? If you do then my e-mail address is (only if you want to though:) BTW- I like to spell pretty like perty too!:)jk.

    1. Thank you! Maybe, I'll see if I get around to it :) I KNOW RIGHT? :D


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