Doll "Room" Tour

Hey there :) I'm really sorry about my absence here on blogger for a little over a week. I'll try to make that up to you, but it's going to be a little hard, as of my camera is on its way to get fixed. :) But anyways, I'm using a phone right now to take the pictures, and it's doing pretty good, so I'm perty (uh-huh, accent here ;) excited about that. Plus, it has like a lot of filters on it, so it's been fun putting those on. Some of my favorites have got to be vintage or greyscale. I really like the "old" look. Ooh, and on a totally random note, do any of you have a Polaroid camera? I think they're soo neat and I really want one :) anyways, I don't really have a doll room or anything, just a corner that I kind of decorate whenever I need to film or anything. So this is how I have decorated it currently, but most likely it will change soon. I've been working on a DIY doll bed for a while now, so if I ever finish that, I think I'll look for  a better place to have a doll room. :) Anyways, let's get started.

OK, so first of all, beside her desk, she has her basketball. (It's her favorite sport)  She also keeps her backpack here, in case she has to go somewhere.

 Then on the the wall beside her desk, she has two Onedolloutthere posters crossed over each other. 

 And on the wall in front of her desk she has a small poster that has a heart surrounded by glitter that has an "E" in the middle that I made.

 The for her chair, she uses a pink camo one from the My Life camping set. And swung across it she has a duct tape purse.

 Then on her desk she keeps a book to read, a notebook, and a snack usually.

And that's it! Do you have a doll room? A dollhouse? and do you have a Polaroid? ;)
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  1. I like her desk and all the accessories! She has a great area and it's kinda like mine because I just use a corner of my room and I don't have an actual doll house.

  2. Very cute room! Nice tour!


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