I Am a Doll

Last time....
"Sure, what do you want guys want to do?"
Molly had mischievous glint in her and smirked as she said, "Oh, just follow me, it will be awesome."

"I'm in," Kit said. They looked at me and I raised my hands up in surrender.

"Wouldn't miss it for anything."

We scaled up the wall, and by the time I had reached the window, I was panting. 
 I glared at Molly. "How come you get to sit at the window and I have to climb up the wall?" 
 "Hey it's not only you," She shrugged, "Kit too. Plus, I'm holding the rope." 
 "Puh," I huffed. I wasn't mad at her, I was just friendly-frustrated. If that's a even a thing. 
 So if you're wondering by now what I was planning to do with my friends, I will tell you. I have my own "kitchen", and so do Kit and Molly. But Human's kitchen is the big "NO-NO" zone. If we ever get caught in there, you don't want to know what happens to us. We get scolded so severely, then punished unimaginably. (Huh, that's a word.) So Molly hatched up the idea that going and raiding the kitchen would be such a great idea. I was reluctant at first, but the temptation was too great. If I could get some more food, it would be great. Plus, the food Human gives me is always the same.
 I peered down from where I was sitting on the window and looked down at Kit where she was scrambling up the rope her sister was holding. Once she was up as well,we turned to Molly for our next directions.

 "OK, guys," She said, "Now we need to go to the kitchen. Esther, is your human home?" 
 "Nope," I said without hesitation, "She's at her friend's house." 
  "OK,so here's my plan. We're going to...."
 Kit held up her hand, "Mol, I have a question." 
Molly turned towards her, "Shoot." 
 "Umm, how are we going to get past..." She trailed off.
 "How are we going to get past what?" Molly asked.
  Kit pointed. I looked where she was pointing and gasped. There lay Human's huge Persian cat. Miss Sasha Bo. The name was enough to strike fear into any doll's heart. She hated us with a passion for some unknown reason. Her flat face (which, may I add, looks like she lost her head, ran, and tossed on a brick wall) gazed sleepily at us. Her large round body was indistinct from her head, and her big, round, dark eyes blinked. 
 "AAAAAHHHHH!" We screamed in unison. What were we going to do?

Ooooh, cliff-hanger!!!! Orrrr not. Yeah..... Anyways, I hope you liked this chapter and it is dedicated to....


Because she gave me the idea of "raiding the kitchen" so I was like, " Hey! Great idea!" hehe...

 .Anyways, you know where Esther was saying "the temptation was too great"? When I was writing that, I remember what happened earlier today when I was at my friend's house. We had finished eating lunch, and we were eating cantaloupe. I had had one slice, and when her dad came around handing out second slices, I had said, "No thanks, I'm full." But then he said," Not even if I gave you another one?" And I was just like "Uhhhhh...." And then my friend was shaking her finger in my face and saying, "Don't yield to temptation!" And to top it off, her brother on the other side of the table was like, "Hey, if she doesn't want it, can I have it?" And you should know when I'm put on the spot, I tend to squirm and lose my common sense. XD So I "gave in" and said, "OK, I guess..." And then my friend started singing a song about temptation and I was like... "STOP!" And she was just talking about it, and how I gave in to temptation and then her brother was like, "No, it wasn't temptation. It was pressure."

Words of wisdom for the day: It's not temptation, it's pressure.


Wow, I have seriously been rambling.... OK, well, hope it didn't bore you out too much. :) Well, thanks for reading and God Bless ♡

《 Autumn 》


  1. I can't wait to see what happens next. Sasha Bo is a cute name for a cat. :)

    1. Hehe, well, I guess that's what comes out of googling cat names :P

  2. Thanks for dedicating this chapter to me! :) It was really good and interesting!

    1. Oh, I didn't know you had changed your profile name, sorry! Thank you!

  3. I love this chapter! Wonder how they're gonna get past Sasha Bo? ;)

    1. Thanks! Oooh, suspense... :)


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