Thanksgiving Vacation Begins •• A Photostory

• Thanksgiving Vacation Begins •

 It was the day before Thanksgiving.  Esther had just been released from school, where Thanksgiving vacation had just been announced. She was excited, as most are, about the prospect of a vacation with having nothing in particular planned. She slowly walked homewards, enjoying the sunshine and the change in weather from the previous week. The weather was mild and friendly, and the birds twittered nearby.

 Her feet fairly skipped as she bounced toward home, excited beyond excitement, if such a thing was possible.  In her mind she planned out what would be fun to do during this break from school.

 Dropping her blue-and-gray backpack down for a second, she lifted her hands as a signal for joy and yelled, "Thanksgiving vacation is here! Woooh!" Perhaps if one would have seen her at that particular moment, it is well possible that they may have wondered if something was drastically wrong with her. But the fact of the matter was that Esther was being her usual self -  weird with a underlying sense of humor.

 Swiping her phone out, she checked for any recent missed calls or messages. Upon finding that there were none, she slid the phone back into her backpack and trudged on ahead, wondering if she should call any of her friends.

 Onward I go, she whispered softly to herself.  The sunshine glinted off the grass, making the earth look cheery and bright.  It looked to be almost a spring day, but the tinge of cold in the air vanquished any hope of  warmer days.

 When she reached the house and entered in, she made for her bedroom and sighed as she arrived, breathless. Finally, vacation here I come. She thought to herself.

 As soon as she had set her backpack down, Odie, her pet dog, came running and barking up to her, whining to be held.

 "Oh, Odie. You're such a little rascal." Esther crooned as she stroked him behind the ears, where he liked to be petted best.

 Setting him down, she took a mini survey of her room with a criticizing eye. A bit drab, she thought,

 "Well, I'm going to change that." She said determinedly.

 "But first we could use some holiday-ish music, couldn't we?" She asked herself, searching for her Spotify playlist on her phone to play her playlist of seasonal songs.


 "Well, not the best, but certainly looks a lot better." Esther noted to herself. She had just finished re-decorating her room somewhat, and she gazed at it, trying to find something that was out of place.  On her desk, she had lit a savory-smelling candle, and she had set a pumpkin beside her desk.  Of course, she would have to take down all of this the day after Thanksgiving so she could put her Christmas-y decorations up, but this looked good to her.  Trying to decide what to do next, she hummed a song underneath her breath as she looked around.


 After several minutes of indecision, she finally stalked out of the room, complaining about how her lack of "social life" made her have nothing to do at all.  "I'll just call everyone I know and see if they want to have me over for Thanksgiving." She finally decided, though, I cannot say how good of a decision it was. "After all," Esther paused for a second, "There's nothing wrong with inviting yourself over, is there?"

 Perhaps if she had stayed in the room a few seconds longer, she would have heard her pet's reply: "Woof."

Did you guys like it?  No? OK. *awkward silence* Yeah, yeah, I know I don't do that great at photo-stories, so cut me some slack, kay? :P Well, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! And if you want to see a post where I listed 50 things I'm thankful for, you can check it out here:)

Have a wonderful day and God bless♥

P.S. How long are your Thanksgiving breaks? 


  1. This is so cute! Hope Esther enjoys her Thanksgiving break! :) I have Thursday-Monday off, and today was a half day.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!
    ~Claire <3

    1. Aww, thanks :) She'll try to.... That's so awesome :) Yeah, I have the same Thurs. - Mon. off, but today was canceled because of snow... Yay!!
      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving too <3

  2. Great story. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Thanks so much :)
      Hope you have a great Thanksgiving :)


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