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So recently I was awarded two times, which means so much. Um, like why would someone award me? But I'm soo very grateful to the two who did... so yeah.  Let's get on with the awards.

You Are Amazing and So Is Your Blog Award 

The Rules:

+ Copy and paste these rules on to your award post.

+ Come up with at least 5 fun questions for your nominees to answer.

+ Nominate at least 5 people who you think are amazing and have an amazing blog.

+  List at least one reason why you appreciate the people you nominated.

+ Put this award on your sidebar or award/tag page if you were nominated.

+ Leave a comment on your nominees' blogs letting them know they've been nominated.

The Questions:

1.) What was the last thing you did?

Mm, well, earlier I had been playing volleyball. Jest practice of course.  But it was fun as always.

2.) What is your favorite season? 

Definitely summer.  Summer, summer, summer.

3.) When did you get your first doll?

I actually don't even remember.  Probably like in spring 2009 or something.

4.) What is your favorite aspect of blogging? 

Definitely meeting amazing people from all over the world.  It's so awesome getting to know other fellow bloggers who share the same interests as you.  

5.) Do you have any pets? 

Funny you asked, I actually have two goats.  Really.  I do.  Why would I lie to you?? -_-

And I believe I will nominate:

Anyone who wants to do this.  I'm pretty sure all the bloggers I know have already been awarded for this and done it... so.... if you haven't done it, feel free to do it :-)

Congratulations Blog Award

(yes, I made this button and am very proud of it =)

 So the very lovely Allie came up with this idea and awarded me. tysm :D

+ Rules +
+ Pick a few blogs (doesn't matter how many) and tell the writer/writers of the blog why you like the blog. (comment, message, etc.)  Anyone who picks a blog that blog should pick favorite blogs and carry it on.

+ Be sure to post on your blog that you are teaming up with as in who you chose. etc.

+ Any type of blog can be nominated (as in American Girl, fashion, writing, or any type of photography)

So I choose 3 blogs to nominate -

Why I love their blogs - 

Shelby-Grace at Oh My Dollies runs an amazing blog in which she posts photos, tags, and other awesomeness.  She also recently posted pictures of her customized doll, and Shelby did an  excellent job on her =)  Her photos are really professional and I would definitely recommend you to check her out :)

Lydia  at Silver Creek Dolls has had her blog for a while and it is so fun to read.  She has some amazing post ideas over there, and I would definitely tell you to go read her blog sometime.  Lydia's photostories are always super interesting and funny too.  I would definitely say she has a great blog =)

Kaitlyn at American Girl Place has a blog  that I only recently started following, but I most definitely am glad that I did.  She's had some amazing photoshoots, one a Valentine's day themed one, and the props were adorable :)  She is a very creative person, and I'd say her blog is a reflection of her.  :D

So yeah, that wraps up this post. Have a beautiful day ♥


  1. Volleyball practice does sound fun! I love playing, but it's a bit too cold for that here in Iowa this time of year. I'm ready to vote for summer as my favorite season as well!

    1. It's a bit too cold here too, I just played inside :D SUMMER <3


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