Golden Hour

Heyyyy guys :)

Aren't those pictures of the sky like amazing?  There's literally like streaks all across the sky like clouds....

 Anyways, how are you all faring?  I took these pictures on Thursday, and then on Friday we had a snowstorm.  ON THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING NO LESS. was just wow.  Thankfully though basically all of the snow melted yesterday, so I'm guessing it's just gonna get warmer now.  I mean, it better.  I am so ready for warmer weather.

And on another note, I've finally come to a conclusion.  I'm going to be re-designing this blog hopefully sometime soon.  As much as I love this design, and don't get me wrong, I really love it.  To me it looks really sleek and nice, but I don't think it goes along too well with my theme on this blog.  If this were more of a writing/lifestyle blog (speaking of which, you should definitely check my personal blog out here) it might fit a little more, but for dollies I don't think this design goes very well.  So I'm not sure when I'll get the new design up, since I'm kinda busy (Yeah, like when am I not busy??) but hopefully very shortly.

Aaaaanyywayys....thank you for reading this post ♥
- autumn


  1. These are so pretty! I love the lighting! :)

  2. gorgeous photos. can't wait for your new design! <3

  3. Really pretty pictures! I love the second one!:D

  4. You always have the best background for a lot of your photo shoots!


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