I'm still here

 Hi! This is just a post telling you that I didn't forsake my blog. I'm just super busy filming for stopmotions, music videos, and photoshoots and getting ready to go back to school. So you can though expect a super long post soon. My christmas stopmotion is having troubles because the editor I use is down.  So as soon as I fix it, it'll be up. And, I also am currently filming a "What I got for Christmas 2012" video. So, in one of my next posts, you can expect 2 or more videos, a litte talk from my doll, a item I am getting, and of course, I'll write in it as well. Sorry for this, but soon I'll be posting a lot more. Also, if you read the "About Me" section you'll know, I have turned this into a DOLL blog. Yes, I did! So, instead of HappyCraftStudios, it's onedolloutthere! Yup, so I'll write more about this change in one of the next posts. Thanks for reading this post.  : D

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  1. I am super sorry guys, trust me this blog will soon be used very frequently.


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