What should I do?????????

OK, so you might look at the title and wonder what I mean.. I have no clue what to do for posts, I mean I would take pics of my doll and make videos, but my camera broke. I am clueless. Do you have any ideas for me? And about the contest, I might do it later, maybe when I get so and so followers, or........ I DON'T KNOW! Sorry about the outburst. Before my camera broke I used to take a lot of random pictures, I might put them all together and make a photo shoot or something. And guess what, yesterday, I made a doll sized easel, (NOT any competition to American Girls') desk, and got a free pattern to make a tank for my doll. I might post pictures in a latter post. Oops, that was Autumnish language. In a later post. Before you go, how would it sound if I started a blog just for Esther. Tell me what you think in a comment and what I would title the blog. Esther's World. Warning, Dangerous.? I don't know. Who knows if I even will start another blog?

~ Autumn

ODOT (onedolloutthere)

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