Pictures of Desk and Easel

 Hey everyone! So in my last post I told you guys I made a easel and desk (no  competition to American Girls'). I took some pictures, I don't have a camera, but I used a different source. So here they are. And thank you so much all of you wonderful people who are following me on my blog.
So this is how it looks from the top

This is how it looks from where the doll will sit

  This is a chair I got with a whole doll sized kit of camping stuff for Christmas. I might do a review on it later

This is how it looks sideways

This is when the chair is pulled in

Esther sitting at her desk

Little prop for the feet. Easy to put on the desk and wonderful look.

Homework time!

I like this picture, don't you?
I hope you liked the pictures, now these are pictures of the esael.

 Top part
 Whole easel

I went to the store and purchased these miniature pieces of foam, perfect size too!

How it looks with the "canvas" sheets

Have you ever tried painting?

So the last picture I took kinda random. I feel my blog is getting kind of weird. IDK why. Does it feel that way to you?  I hope you liked this post.
~Autumn ODOT

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