Back Again!

  Hello! OK, so I am back again! Yes, I was gone for a month. Believe it or not. Plus, I got two new followers! Special thanks to Maria and Grace. I am sorry for going on the break without telling you all. But one reason I went on the break is because I was wayyyyy too busy to find any free time. Plus, now I don't feel tooo great about dolls. I mean it. I am not too much into dolls, probably because I don't have a camera, so I'm not like getting more into dolls. But I'm still here, and I'm not leaving and I'm staying. But posts might slow down until summer. But there will be posts. Luckily, it's only 2 1/2 months away till summer! Oh, and by the way, I have a new blog! Here is the URL: It's for reading and writing. I also (inspired by Storyteller) am going to put stories that I write on there. There will be a post explaining my books there. It feels good to  be back!:) So hopefully there will be a post every week! All right, 'till next week!!!!!!

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