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Hi doll lovers! So to start of with everything,this is a random post. First of all, IDcat (agcat) is selling some American Girl Dolls! Yay. So here is the link. http://psdmylife.blogspot.com/ Unfortunately, I will not be getting any.  OK, so I cannot show how much I  appreciate everyone who is following my blog. Thank you very much! Please tell about this blog to your friends too. I have not been blogging lately, and I'm sorry about that. I will try to fix that problem. I really like to read and write so I might actually start a new blog for that too. So it's really weird because I want to start a blog for Esther, and one for reading and writing. And on top of that, school is right there. And I have to study study study for tests and exams. And I also play the violin........ The list goes on and on for me. What I'm trying to say is I am super busy. Don't worry, I will still be here. And BIG problem for me, for some odd reason I am not able to upload videos on my blog. BUT, I am thinking of another solution for that. I will tell you later if it ever happens. I am totally fine with everything but one thing that frustrates me, I am busy. I already said that but I need to make sure you understand. This week we have who knows how many tests, and some of my friends and me are going somewhere too. I don't know where yet. So that will take up half my week, and the other half will be with doing other stuff. Oh, and me and my friend are going to try to start a business. And I really want to do that because then I can save money for a camera. Yes, and lately I have been really interested in music. Yes, music. One of my favorite singers is Britt Nicole. I love her songs, especially Gold.  You know, this is really turning into a long, random post. So, I might be doing more posts like this (maybe) unless I find something else to do a post on. I hope you liked the post before this one too, about the desk and easel. And also tell me f you want me to do a review on the Our Generation Camp Kit. Bye!

~ Autumn~ ODOT


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