Doll iPhone Tutorial

Hey everyone! Today I will be doing an  iPhone tutorial for a doll! I have one and it's so nice! I learned it partly from Sparkjazzag4ever, so credit goes to her too. It's very simple so let's get started!


                                                             Closer Look up

1. Go to your browser.
      Go to Google.
      Type 'iPhone front and back Cover' and go to Images.
      Click on your most favorite design and print it out. (I did mine in glossy good quality paper so I could skip a step later.)
     Then cut it out.
2.   Get some black foam.
       Get one of the cutout pieces and lay it on.
        Trace with a marker.
        Then cut out the piece of black foam.


3.  Tape both sides of the iPhone to the foam.

      All done! To make it water-proof, stick tape all over it. I didn't because I had excellent paper. Yay, all done! :)

 I hope you like t quick and easy tutorial. I may do more like this in the future. If you want a tutorial on how to make something just ask in a comment or on my You tell me what to do page. OK, I'll just post a few more pics. Bye!





  1. That iphone you made is really cool! Thanks for the tutorial :) :) :)

    1. Your welcome! Tell me if you made it! :)


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