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Hello, all! Today we will have the Sunday Dollpaper! Yes! OK, to everyone except Claire, I'll have the Sundays when you will be featured soon. Today, to kick start it of, Esther will be telling us an event that happened with her and her dog, Odie.

If you can't read the writing,  here is what it says,

New Newspaper?

It sure looks like it! The town of Doll residents has a new newspaper! What will the residents think? We wonder anxiously as we watch. The publishers of the magazine post weekly articles on a blog. The doll residents can go there every Sunday to find out what's happening. The blog is run by Autumn and is called Onedolloutthere. We record happenings that happen with the doll resident that helps run the newspaper, Esther, and other doll residents that would like to be  featured. We hope to make Sunday Dollpaper a bug success, and we need your hep! Tune in to the blog to find more info! Also, the publishers wish to say one more thing, we have a fairly un-decorated front page. It doesn't matter to us, but in the future it may change. Also, every Sunday we will post the happening of the week and a new front page. Enjoy the Sunday Dollpaper! 

(Happening of The Week!)

Hi everyone! Today I am featured in the Sunday Dollpaper! My name's Esther, and my owner is Autumn. She's really nice,  and I'm so happy for where I am. The picture up there is of me, and I like it. Forget the  part where it says, Onedolloutthere, but I like how the sun shines on me head, and it makes it look kind of brownish-red. Anyways, you can learn more about me by going to the Meet Esther page on the blog. So today I will tell you about what happened with me and my dog, Odie on Tuesday afternoon.

It was pretty hot, so I decided to go down to the creek and splash my feet in the water. I went out the back door, and immediately, my loyal dog, Odie rushed out to meet me. I rubbed his head and told him to stay put. I guess this is what it might have been like.
"Hey, Odie boy, what'cha doing?"         
He whined and wagged his tail furiously.         
I grinned, "OK, I'm going down to the creek, I don't know if you should get wet."  I knew he ran around all the time and probably once or twice went down to the creek by himself and got wet before. There wasn't anything exactly wrong with him getting wet, I just wasn't sure. I mean, I didn't want him to get sick, but I did know dogs get wet and usually dry themselves off, especially when it's hot. I debated whether or not to take Odie with me. 
Odie barked.
I looked down at him disdainfully. "Should I take you along with me or not?"
He looked at me with pleading eyes.
I sighed,"OK. But we won't be gone very long- I am only going to splash my feet."
He barked happily. 
I put him on a leash and we started walking on a path towards the creek. We finally arrived and we were very tired and hot. Gratefully, I jumped into the creek. Odie followed me. I started splashing around gleefully. I was so absorbed in getting wet that I did not even notice what Odie was doing. After about five minutes of splashing around, I turned around slowly to see what Odie was doing. And to my horror, he was barking and going after a Raccoon!!
I began flailing around "ODIE!" I yelled - I quickly got out of the creek and scurried onto the bank. Odie turned his head towards me and whined. "Odie", I yelled again. I started racing towards him. He turned his head back towards the raccoon and growled. This provoked the raccoon - he hissed. I started screaming helplessly. I got near enough to Odie to grab his tail and yank. I pulled his tail as hard as I could. He screamed pitifully.
"Odie, you are so bad." I said. "I brought you down to the creek so you could get a little wet. Not so you could fight with a raccoon." He whined again. 
I looked at the raccoon. It resembled a bandit- black rings surrounded his eyes. He looked like a villain. I shivered. Raccoons were definitely not my favorite animals. 
"Here, Odie." I clucked my tongue. He turned his head to look at me. I ran a little ways of, the clucked again. Odie gave one last look at the raccoon, the started running towards me. I grinned widely then started running.


We were back home, I resumed my position reading book, and Odie, well, I penned him up as a punishment. I didn't know if I should ever go back tot the creek with him. He was so bad. I raised my head and looked at him. He looked so forlorn and sad. My heart always reached out to animals. I suddenly started feeling sorry for him. I walked over to him and set my book down.
"Oh Odie!", I sighed. "I suppose I forgive you.". He happily barked. I went back to the couch. "Oh well! At least we are back home", I thought. 
Anyways, so now I'm not sure if I should go back to the creek with my dog, what do you think?

All right, that was this week's Sunday Dollpaper's segment. Next week, we will be featuring, Claire from Doll Express! I hope you liked it! ~Autumn P.S. Everyone that wanted to be featured make sure you tell me what picture you want.


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