About that...

Guess what???

I came to the computer and.....I HAVE 21 FOLLOWERS! i am so happy! (I write in bold instead of capitalizing) Thanks so much for helping me get this far in my blog. I've learned a lot, and, I'm,  so happy. :) I remember the day I got my first follower. I was so happy! But I never dreamed of this. Anyways, I am going to release the contest details when I come back.                     

So, to move on, my "how I travel with  my doll" post is going to come when I come back. I don't have time now to do it. Sorry! It's  just the way it has to be.

Also, I'm not sure how many of you realized...but I accidentally did Friday Fun on Thursday!!! *typical Autumn* so just click on this button to go to the previous post to view Fun Friday if you didn't. >>>>>  I hope and will try to make sure Friday Fun will come on Friday next time. :)
 Anyways, I probably have to go. See ya later! (couple of days) (Sunday Dollpaper is still coming, but nobody's getting featured. NOTE: Layla and Dally, please tell me your doll's name and something that happened to her. *make it up*) Thanks everyone!!!



  1. Ok Lets see I will have Mckenna tell you about herself. over to Mckenna.

    Hi! My name is Mckenna Mae Wagner. I am 11 years old and have a twin sister named Marie-Grace. I have 5 siblings, all older than me, and 5 cousins of which are older than me. Can you belive it! I only have 2 cousins that are younger than me!! Oh well. I help my sisters and cousins with the town's paper where I post with my sister Marie-Grace on Saterdays, the day is called Fun Day!
    Let me tell you about a time I went sking with my cousin Autumn.

    (Autumn: I will put the story up on my blog along with some pictures, becouse i am going on a trip in a little bit and am pushed for time. I should be up by next saterday. If that is soon enough?)

    1. OK, wow! Sure that is deifnitely soon enough!


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