Sunday Dollpaper

Hi! It's time for Sunday Dollpaper again! And this time, it's me Esther! Though in reality I am far away!  You probably read about it on the previous post. (Read more about it on the front cover) OK, let's start with the front cover!

If you can't read what it says, this is it:


  Hello! This is a scheduled post. Which literally means we're not here! We are far away, but that doesn't you can't comment. And by all means, DO! So, this time Esther designed the front cover! She absolutely adores the flowery print on the background. And even, I, must  admit it is pretty. Do you like it? Esther will be psyched if you do! And, yes, she is doing it again. Come on   people!   If you want to be featured, just tell me! Anyways, Esther will be featured today. So, that's it!!!! Have fun with her again, and this time she's directing the whole thing. Which means I won't even be in it at all. *sniff sniff* Actually, I forgot to mention up there ^^ , Esther is gone too! Oh,  and by the way, have fun! ~Autumn & Esther from Onedolloutthere ODOT

OK, let's move on now. 'Cuz I, Esther am in charge! (hopefully it can be like this next time too!)
OK, first off, I want to show you an awesome find I found! You know Pinterest? Well, we found this awesome doll printables on there!  Click this for it! Just pin it and print it! There are a lot of printables you can use! And on this you can (click "on this") make a rose for your doll! It looks complicated, but I'm sure it's lovely!  And please click on this, because if you do, you can make an upholstered 18" doll bed! It's soooooooo cute! I know it looks and probably is pretty hard, but I'm almost certain it will be rewarding in the end.

Now all those were probably pretty hard, so I'm going to give you some really easy ones. Printables, I mean. This one is so nice and easy to do. I love it! Also this one! It's so cute! Apple sauce cup! This one's on how to make juice bottles for your doll(s)! And finally, check <<this>>> girl out. She's amazing with doll printables!

So, normally, that would have been all. But since last week we have started adding a new segment onto it. Where I (Esther) will share a value, recipe, or story! Last week I did the story! Remember? About Jehoshaphat and the singing army? That was pretty cool! This time I'm going to share a recipe!

OK, how many of you are feeling summer? I am, and this milkshake has definitely helped me to beat the heat. Here are the ingredients:     
Almond milk (I use regular milk.) Just pour in how much you will need.
Cocoa powder. I use 1/4 cup
peanut butter. I use 1/4 cup.
banana. I use 1 1/2 bananas.
And of course, ice cream! Just put in how much you will want.

 *Note: I don't  know how many this will serve. I have kind of approximated the ingredients to suit me.   

Next step: Put all the ingredients in a blender. Then, eureka! You have your tasty milkshake! 

Tell me if you made it!!

  Ok, until next time~Esther    (should my mom make me a siggy too?)                        


  1. Good Job Esther! Yes Autumn should make you a siggy also! :)

    1. Thanks! I think she should too!

  2. Hey Autumn! This is thedollcrafters, and I was wondering how I could get into the Sunday Dollpaper. I think it's a great and fun idea! Please reply by going to my blog and replying on my latest post.
    Thanks! Sterling


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