I personally don't enjoy rain

True. It's not my most favorite, but it's OK, (as long as I don't get my shoes dirty). :) I mean, right now it's pouring. Seriously! I thought it was supposed to be spring. Whatever, it doesn't really matter.

 Anyways, the reason I posted this is because I need sunshine so I can go take some pictures of Esther.I have a whole bunch of posts planned, but I need to go outside and take pictures.. Grhhh. It's soooooooo annoying. So, I seriously love that picture >>> Isn't it amazing? Kind of off-topic.

So, now that you know what I'm hoping for, I have something else. You know I said Esther got a new outfit? Well, I am going to show you some pictures, but not how I usually do, I have a video for you to watch! Look below and watch. Tell me in a comment if you liked it and what you did like.

                        Photo-shoot of Esther in her New Outfit. (Springfield tunic & leggings)

How did you like it? Anyways, later in  the week(hopefully) I'll be able to upload a video for something else. (You'll see It's pretty cool) Anyways, guess what I found out? You can upload two two two! Videos per month on Flickr. It doesn't matter how long it is! I posted only  one (sniff sniff) last month. :P This month I hope I'll be able to upload two.

 OK, so don't forget about the contest and Bye! Pray and hope for sun!

I got a new signature! No kidding! Tell me if you like it!



  1. Like the signeture! And the outfit looks really good on Esther!!

    1. Thanks, you really can see the video? I can't.


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