I'm back...!

Hi everyone, I'm back from my blog vacation! I did have a good time! I got a very good devotional book, and I enjoy it! So, now to catch back up to the world of blogging (sigh) but really blogging is extremely fun. :P I have a whole bunch of posts planned out, and some pretty nice ones too.

Claire, you wanted a award for Sunday Dollpaper, so I made you one. Please, if you want to be in the Dollpaper, you MUST give me a picture & something that happened with your doll. Just to let you know, and if nobody tells me the needed information , Esther will be again and again telling stuff. (Not that she gets tired of it :P)

OK, here's the award, girls. Dolly girl and Claire may have it, and if I feature you, you could take it too.


If it's too small, just let me know. Also, I got a new outfit for Esther! You can see it in upcoming posts. 

And, before I go, don't forget, help me reach my goal of 20 followers, I'll have a giveaway. Don't forget to tell your friends! (New Signature coming tomorrow!)


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