Sunday Dollpaper

OK, time  for Sunday Dollpaper. ;) Wow! The week went by quickly. OK, Esther will be talking but first the front cover..

This is what it says if you can't read it:

Yup, Esther again. But she doesn't care, she's as happy as can be. "Yay! I get to be in Sunday Dollpaper again!" Is what she'd probably say. LOL. So, she'll be doing something again. Read on to find out what. Also, if you want to be featured... Sure! That'd be lovely. Next time on Sunday Dollpaper, Esther will be designing the background. *shakes. Anyways, thank you for all the viewers of Sunday Dollpaper. ~Autumn & Esther from Onedolloutthere ODOT

OK, Esther here! Today I will be talking about my dog Odie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To start of, I'm going to show you a picture of him.  He's sooooooooo cute ;)


 Anyways,  if you haven't already read the time where he and I went to the creek, click here!!! So, I really don't have much to say about him Here are a few characteristics.

  • He's not a purebred, and I don't even know what mix he is.
  • He's very bold and faces everything (practically)
  • He's soooo loyal to me. 
  • We didn't buy him, we actually got him as a gift.
  • That's it, he's just so cute and loving.

 OK, me again. Autumn, that is. We are going to add a new part to Sunday Dollpaper. When we feature someone, they can choose if they want this part on it, but when Esther does it, we're going to have it default. What is it? Let Esther tell you in her own words.

What is it? I'm going to either put a recipe, (for summer) share one my favorite stories, (I have a ton) or share good quality values! Today I'm going to do a story! Let me think for a little then tell you it!!!!

After "Thinking"

I got it! OK, let me give you  a title, how about... Singing a Victory? That's it...let's begin!

OK, you're probably thinking,  huh? Singing a Victory? What's that supposed to mean? Well, put it this way, a choir wins a battle. That's amazing...but how? (By the way, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary choir is 1 : an organized company of singers (as in a church service) 

There was once this king of Judah, (an ancient country)who was a very wise and strong king. He served the Lord with all his heart. He also got rid of the pagan worship, such as worshiping idols and stuff. After he got rid of pagan worship, he sent priests all over the country to teach them God's word. Cool, huh? 
But then, one dreadful day, he heard that three of the major powerful nations had banded together to declare war against him. They were camping near the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea was very near Judah. Frighteningly close, I must add. Because of this, people all over Judah came together to seek the Lord. How could this happen? Even the king, Jehoshaphat, (you don't hear that name nowadays!) came and prayed.  Then the Lord started speaking to Jahaziel, one of the Levites, (a Levite was a priest. Another different name!) This is what the Lord said, "Do not fear these great people,for the battle is not yours, but the Lord's. Be faithful, stand still, and see how the Lord will save you." This brought peace among the people.
Early the next morning,  the king started giving thanks to the Lord for the victory they would have that day. See, that was pretty wise. You gave God thanks for the victory beforehand. While the king was giving thanks to God, God gave him a idea. "How about we send a choir singning ahead of the army?" The people gladly chose he singers and sent them on their way. Have you ever heard a army led by singers marching toward the enemy. Can you imagine hearing all those voices echoing through the valley? .
At the first sounds of praising and singing, the Lord set ambushes against their enemies. The *laughs* this is the funny part. They all started killing each other. The bad guys I mean. It must have been hilarious! :)
By the time the singing army arrived, they didn't even need to fight!! Everybody was dead. And just as the Lord had said, they had no nee to fight just wait and watch. For 3 whole days they gathered the opponents riches, jewels, and other spoils. Awesome, right? And, finally on the fourth day, the blessed the Lord and went back to Judah, bursting with happiness.

*Note: this is a true story

How did you all like it? Next week it will be either a recipe or a value! When I say recipe, I mean like a cool milkshake or something to help you "beat the heat" in the summer! :)



  1. stop motion idea's- kind of like maybe a modern princess and the pauper, but with 2 girls, and one's a princess, and the other just a regular girl? oh, is it okay if i don't really use stop motion, because my camera doesn't have a voice recorder, but my ipod does, so i will see.

    1. could do just music? I mean... my camera broke, so I'd be using my iPod anyways. Sure, i hardly know the story, Esther could be the regular girl.

    2. Okay, that would be great! Dakota will be the princess.

  2. Oh, and since esther and dakota can't be together, they can send each other notes.

    1. Sure! So how should it start?


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