Sunday Dollpaper

Hi everyone! Asmita and Adele-cupcake didn't respond, so Esther is taking over and doing it today! Yay! She did once before. So first of, let's start with the Front Cover.

If you can't  read what it says, here it is:

Esther Again!

 Hello all again! Today Esther from Onedolloutthere will be sharing again! We are all excited to see what she says. No one replied to me, so Esther will have to until somebody does. It would be greatly appreciated if you would reply promptly. Plus, now there's even an award for those who have been featured. Anyways, now, on ODOT if Autumn gets a few more followers, she can have a giveaway/contest! Please help her reach her goal. Thank you ~ Autumn & Esther from Onedolloutthere ODOT

OK, so now there's going to be another picture of Esther and she will be telling something.


Do you all like my picture? Sorry it's soooooooooooooo small. Anyways, to see the last time I did it. Click HERE HERE HERE! So, last time I retold a incident with Odie? Right? Well, this time me and my friend are going to do a review and links to DIY's. 

OK, first we will tell you how to...... Guess....Again.... I might tell you.......Guess again...... I'll tell you..... SPRINGFIELD DOLL TUNIC & LEGGINGS! Shown above in picture of Esther

Do you like it? Well, I have it! I'm going to share a picture of ME in it!

I <3 anyways....="" font="" it="" totally="">

Style (brand) : Springfiel Tunic & Leggings (personally reminds me of a spring outfit)
Quality: Pretty good. I think it's cotton. Though, since it is light colored  it gets dirty very easily.
Designs etc.:  I like the flower design and the short sleeves. =)
Rating: 3/5

I hope you liked it. ;)   
OK, so time for some links to DIY's. OK, so I don't know if any of you know about My Froggy Stuff, but she's really cool, and she makes all kinds of doll sized crafts for many doll sizes! It's soooo cool! Anyways, I'm going to have a few links below! 
Have fun doing them and don't forget to subscribe to her!


OK, that was an example of how your entry doesn't have to be a story or something. Bye!




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