How I travel with my doll

How do I? Well ,I'm planning on showing you!

I have a little bag in which I carry my doll stuff when I go somewhere. In the first place, I don't take my doll hardly anywhere.
It's on rare occasions I do. Practically only when we take super-long vacations or something.  But I decided to make this post just to show you. YAY! OK, so to make it a  little bit easier for you and me. I'm going to put it all into a  video.  OK, enjoy & DON'T FORGET TO COMMENT!!! ;)


How was it??????? Did it help??? Sorry for the bad font color at the end. It was.....let's just say.....  hard to make it visible. Anyways, one of these days, I want to do a doll "guess-it" or something. Quick Question, how do you make it blurred, foggy, etc. (your picture) for a guess - it???






  1. This will help when I go to Utah over the summer! Thanks! Oh btw, I did want the blog design, but there wasnt a choice that said that you could design my blog. So, in the "other" section, I asked if you could design it!

    1. ok, thanks!!!! Maybe she didn't put ny name up yet. xD I would love to design your blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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