What I really like

OK, on Blogger, well, mainly the doll blogs. Well, not mainly, only the doll blogs. I really like how it's not like, "Only AG dolls, oh! You have a different doll. Ewwwww!" EXAGGERATED!!! But  I   
still like that. It makes me smile. Also because I have a Springfield doll,  I really like that nice atmosphere in Blogger. 

Anyways, this was quick and random, but I'd just thought I could say that. :) I really want to get a American Girl Doll soon though!!!!! (Also, how do you get a picture blurred or something for a guess-it???) And, Layla???? Should I post it as a video or what? The first part I mean...




  1. I totaly agree with you about the atmosphere on the blogs! "Like on youtube I don't see many video of other dolls, and if there is not many people watch them. :(" Thats cool that you may/want to get an AG doll. Do you know which one you might want?
    Now for your questions.
    Bluring pictures:
    I use www.Befunky.com
    Go there and then click upload and upload the picture you want.
    now you can do several things to make it a guess it picture.
    You can use the Blur (under Essentuals)
    Or The effects under the paint brush. (I don't know what is called)
    Play around with the different effects and find out what you like. Just make sure you have your starting picture saved so you can start over if you need to!
    This can also be used to make a custom doll. :) They seem to VERY popular! lol! :) If you have any questions feel free to ask as I have been useing Befunky for almost 2 years. (Not to brag or anything)
    About the video: Yes you can just post it as a video. :)

    1. Thanks!!!!! I know, right???? OK, thanks!!! I'll check into that website!! Thanks!!! :)

  2. It's okay if you don't have an AG! Springfields are just as pretty:)

    To blur or edit a picture, I recommend ribbet.com, which is free and requires no sign up (unless you want your pictures saved in their vault too or to keep history of what you've edited). Plus, even sign up is free! I use Ribbit pretty much everyday!

    1. Thanks!!!
      Cool, but aren't they have moved to Google or something?? I'll check into that ;)

  3. Yeah, I agree with you! ;) Oh, and you can use picmonkey.com to edit your doll photos for Guess-Its. :)

  4. I would suggest ipiccy.com where it can pixelate your picture or blur it.

  5. I agree! (Also to blur a picture I use ribbet.com)

    1. Thanks!!!! Yup, but didn't they move to Google?????


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