A quick post with Esther (Pt. 1)

Hey everyone! This is NOT Autumn, it's me Esther! I'm going to try to sneak into her computer and do theses posts. Quick posts with Esther, is what I call them. It's not necessarily a series, since those don't go too well on this blog, I've seen with Autumn's (and MINE!) Fun Friday series.
Anyways, I felt like rambling a little bit about the summer movie.
So here I am, doing it!!
OK, it's still a no-namer. I've given Autumn countless ideas, (well, kind of, I mean, I thought of them but didn't get around to telling her) But..she has one in mine, which is still confidential, but I'm sure she'll tell you all soon enough. I think it's kind of neat anyways. OK, onto more stuff about me in the movie. Well, first of I'll tell you, it's going to be split up into parts, such as part 1, part 2, and you get the idea. At this point, I believe Autumn wants five parts, but it still will change probably.
As for me, I'll be the STAR!!!! Since there's no other dolls   Please don't read that.... oh, you probably did, but it's true!!! Anyways, I  don't want to give too much insider info on the movie, but I'll hunt down a few pictures awhile that don't show too much of what we're going to do.
 And......Autumn's going to make an SFMV!!!!! You're probably like...*mouth dropped open* Esther's gone crazy!! There's no such thing as an SFMV!! Well, then I made it up! Well, see, you usually would see AGMV, which stands for American  Girl Music Video, (check this post out) but since I'm not an American Girl, it's SpringField!!! See??? Well, I'm super duper excited!!!

Guess I'll have to go soon, Autumn's coming this way... Here are the pictures anyways....(well, 2)


Hope that didn't give too much away, or better yet, nothing!!

I've got to go now, keep watching for another "Esther" post!!!..

Autumn made me a siggy!!! Do you like it?? I LOVE it!!!

                                PS. This IS Autumn, and nobody sneaked into my computer hahah






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