Stopmotion Update...and Fun Friday

OK, so today I'm combining two things into one. =P Stopmotion updates and and Fun Friday. I've actually never done Fun Friday'm kind of anticipating your feedback. :)

So to get on with updates, here they are: (I'll do these biweekly)

Layla W.- Got my first part done.
Dally- Still thinking of ideas
Claire- We're starting next month.
Would anyone else want to do one with me?? (I'm kind of busy though)

Summer Movie- Yet a no-namer. I got a little bit re-filmed. YAY!!!

So, that's that. Onto Fun Friday!!!!


Hi guys, I'm Esther, and today for Fun Friday, I'll be doing my entry for the Doll Express Club!!!!

This week's theme was PETS!! I am going to post a picture of me and my dog, Odie, and then I don't know??? Say, I'll figure that out then...

Don't I look like a doll? I am one, but... you know what I mean. Anyways, what I like best about Odie, is well... nothing really. I just love  him the way he is. 

Was that good enough Claire???? Sorry for such a short segment this time guys. Did you like it? 





  1. Almost, The Doll Crafters!!! I just need to put the siggys in the previous posts. :) (I couldn't publish you're comment because you used something.)

  2. Can u email me when u finish? Im getting very anxious...

    1. Yeah..all I need to do is update the previous posts. :)


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