A Random post with a Random picture

I haven't really done a random post in a long time. So I thought it would be fun to do one again.
Summer is finally here!!! Yesterday was the first official day of summer, though it felt like it was summer in the "spring". I really won't have that much "extra" time to do stuff, such as posting, (I'll still aim for a post a day) filming, and all that stuff. I really am an outside person, so it's really hard to just stay inside and type...(aka posting ;) But it's still fun doing it once a day. Even though I probably check my dashboard a couple times a day. ;) Anyways, I still will have some times for taking pictures of Esther and such.. and...I kind of have a job. Not really, but I just help out our neighbors during the week. That really is fun and I enjoy it. So that takes up a lot of time as well. So I come home and well..yeah..the day goes on and then I'm like, "Yikes!!! I didn't post yet!!!" So then I go and post and .... Main point: I'm busy.

But not too busy to forget about you guys. You all are so awesome!!! When I first started blogging, I seriously believed that my blog, well, of  course nobody ever saw it. It was just a blog nobody even viewed. I had 0 followers at that time, but then, I got my first follower, Dakota!!! Then I started getting a few more followers, I was so excited!!!!!! Then I don't know what happened, I just forgot that I even had a blog. (Not really, but it seems like that.) Probably school was just overloading me. I totally without warning left my blog for a month. I didn't have Autumn's Reading and Writing at that time. By the time I got back, I had gotten two new followers!!! I was super excited. The I got more and more followers..until..I got 26!!!!!! Thanks, guys!!!!! From that one month break till now, I've only taken two very short breaks... :) My blogging journey has been really "interesting" for me. It's definitely taught me a lot. =)

Anyways, I really rambled..I could probably do this for another post. hahaha...well...would you want me to???? Or did you like this??? Anyways, I've got to go. See ya all later and I might do  this again!!!! *shivers* ;)



I really like when you comment, but please no OMG or any swear words... Please keep everything pleasing to the Lord. Thank you -Autumn :)