Sunday Dollpaper

Hiya! Time for Sunday Dollpaper again! Today we're featuring Layla's Doll, McKenna!!!! So here is the front cover.

So this time instead of writing it all out, just click on the picture(front cover) to read it because then it'll be blown up.

So here's a picture of Layla's Doll, McKenna:

Isn't she absolutely adorable? I think she's really cute, though I don't have her. :P Anyways, here's a little bit about McKenna.

Hi! My name is Mckenna Mae Wagner. I am 11 years old and have a twin sister named Marie-Grace. I have 5 siblings, all older than me, and 5 cousins of which are older than me. Can you believe it! I only have 2 cousins that are younger than me!! Oh well. I help my sisters and cousins with the town's paper where I post with my sister Marie-Grace on Saturdays, the day is called Fun Day!
Let me tell you about a time I went sking with my cousin Autumn.

OK, let's see the story!!!!

The Ski Trip
Flashback, First person
I sat huddled by the fire of the ski hut wrapped in a warn blanket. My best friend and Cousin, Autumn handed me a warm mug of hot chocolate.
“Are you feeling any better?” she ask. I nodded and began to sip the hot chocolate. “That snowstorm really snuck up on us.” she said nodding toward the window where the snow was whirling.
“I have heard of people getting hit with avalanches but I never thought it would happen to me.” I sighed.
Earlier that day Autumn and I had decided to go skiing on the mountain close to our homes. I checked the weather which said it was going to be a great day! Soon we were all dressed up in our colorful snow pants and coats. With our hats and mittens on and our scarves wrapped around our necks we had written my 4-Wheeler the one mile to the ski slope. Soon we where riding the lift up and skiing back down. The air was crisp and cool and the sun shown brightly. At lunch time we went to the ski hut and ate dinner. After that the time flew! Suddenly it started to get dark. The wind picked up and snow had begun to fall. As Autumn and I rode back up the slope we decided this would be our last run so we took the longest slope.
I started down as the opening of the slope was small because of the snow being piled so high. A little way down the slope widened out. The Wind caught me off guard and I almost fell. The snow slapped me in the face and the wind howled through the trees. Suddenly I heard a rumble that quickly turned into a roar. I heard Autumn scream from behind me,
“Kenna! WATCH OUT!”
I looked behind just in time to see a large avalanche heading straight toward me gathering snow as it went.
I shivered thinking about it. I never wanted to think about it again.
“Mckenna” Autumn said “The snow has slowed. Are you ready to go home?” I nodded. I was ready.

Well I hope you enjoyed this story!

I hope y'all liked it! If you want to be featured just click this! OK, Layla& McKenna,I am currently not in my computer that has the the Sunday Dollpaper award, so once I get on it I'll post the award for you! ~Autumn



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