Sunday Dollpaper

Hiya!!! This week we're once again featuring Esther!!!!!!! Onto the front cover!!!


This is what it says if you can't read it:

It's going to be  Esther again this time!!! And she wants to give a little insert here! "Hey there, Esther taking over here!!!! Notice how the  background is very beachy??? All the seashells?? Well, that's what I' m going to talk about One time we went to the  beach, and it was soooo fun!!!!" Thank you Esther!! So, now onto the main stuff!

First off, a picture...

This is also her meet-me picture in the Meet Esther page.

If you want to know more about Esther, just click the "Meet Esther" page. It's up there.^^^

Hi!! It's Esther here. And today I'm telling you all about something that happened to me. Well, a couple weeks ago, we went to the beach. It was sooo fun!!That's what inspired the front cover.   Anyways, we were having a blast!!The warm sun reached high into the sky as the waves lapped at our feet. It was amazing!!!!What was most fun was riding the waves. You would just wait till a wave cam close, then just get carried along with it. Aaaahh, I wish I were still living it instead of typing it.But of course, since me being a doll and "not supposed to get wet." ARGGGHHH. I had to sit on a  funky beach chair gazing dreamily at the others. But, I still got to have a little fun too!!! :)

Have you ever been to the beach? Was it fun? What all did you do?

OK, still me, Esther, and I'm going to be doing the final part of this week's edition of, Sunday Dollpaper. This week I'm going to share another recipe for you to stay cool during the summer and beat the heat. :)

Chocolate Chocolate Milkshake (That's what I call it. I personally think this is the double the chocolate!! Mmmmm)


2 cups milk
2 tablespoons chocolate syrup
2 cups vanilla ice cream
3/4 teaspoon vanilla extract


Easy as 1-2-3!!!

1 add all ingredients in blender
2 blend for about 30 seconds
3 stir well and then enjoy!
Did you all try it? Do you like it?


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