Sunday Dollpaper

Hi everyone! It's time for Sunday Dollpaper again!!! Today we'll be featuring   Christina and her Dolls! YAY! So let's start with the front cover!


This is what it says:

 Hi! Today we're featuring Christina L and her dolls, Rebecca and Kirsten! Her dolls are so cute! She has a lovely blog, and I would be glad if you would go over and follow!! I recently only found her, but so far she's really awesome!!! I'm glad we can be featuring her, and I hope she does too! If you would like to be featured in Sunday Dollpaper, just go to the Sunday Dollpaper page on my blog!!! Anyways., a BIG thank you to everyone that's helping make Sunday Dollpaper a HUGE success. Thanks~Autumn and Esther from Onedolloutthere ODOT.

Here is a little about her doll, Rebecca, that we're featuring and Kirsten, another doll will play a part in the story too!!!!! (There's a picture too!)

I think they're both very very cute!!!!!

Hi, I'm Rebecca! I love to bake, read, do crafts, and be outside. My favorite color is pink, my favorite book is Anne of Green Gables, and my favorite food is chocolate cake!
Kirsten is my younger sister, and she likes to sew, read, and do ballet. She daydreams a lot, and loves fairy tales. Her favorite color is turquoise, her favorite book is Chronicles of Narnia, and her favorite food is sugar cookies.

Thanks, girls!!!! Now onto the story. (It's pretty interesting and funny!)

One blustery day, Kirsten was curled up reading The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe for the third time. She was nice and cozy, lost in the land of storybooks, with the sound of Rebecca practicing piano in the background. Vaguely aware of the fact that Rebecca had finished practicing, Kirsten was just exploring Narnia with the Pevensies, when she was rudely torn away from her daydream because Rebecca was shaking her arm. "Come on, Kirsten, let's go for a walk! It's a lovely day out there." Kirsten, looking out the window, said, "A walk? It's blowing so hard that our new trees are nearly bent over! I want to finish my book." "It's not that windy; besides, you've read that book at least twice before!" "Well...okay, but it better be quick" Kirsten agreed. They quickly scrambled into their coats and shoes, then headed out the door. The wind blew harshly, but Kirsten said nothing as they began down the path. It was rather nice outside, not too hot, but not too cold; and sun kept reappearing from behind the clouds. They walked a bit, though even Rebecca was a bit unsure about the weather. Suddenly, rain began pouring from the clouds above, nearly drenching the two girls. "Yikes, what a heavy rain!" cried Rebecca, and Kirsten only said, "Oh!" They rushed home, the now wet plants slapped their legs and soaked their jeans, but they barely notices. Breathless from running, they burst through the front door. "Gee Kirsten, I'm sorry, I had no idea it would rain!" Rebecca apologized. "That's okay. Actually, it was kind of fun, running through the rain and all." and giggling, Kirsten pulled off her wet clothes. After they they had put on dry clothes, and hung their wet ones by the fire, the girls put a reading of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe in the their CD player, and made crafts for the rest of the afternoon. 

Wasn't that an awesome story???????? And this time I'm not going to add something at the end. Hope you don't mind Christina!!! Anyways, here's an award for you to take and display on your blog!!!



OK, see ya!!!!



  1. Awesome, thanks Autumn! Oops, I made some grammar mistakes, oh well!

    1. That's fine!Glad you liked it!!!!

  2. Great Story Christina! :)

  3. Love your story, Christina! Autumn, are you going to do another Sunday Dollpaper? How do you get featured in one?

    1. Hi, Izzy! I really need to get a post up here! I'm currently not planning on it, but that may change. What would you like to do it on?


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